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I wanted to let everybody know about a relatively new Facebook Group, entitled, Medicine Hat Live Indy Music. For a while now, the number of musical venues in the city have been dwindled to a very meager selection, especially for independent, local, and smaller artists. This has triggered in less shows, but also more misinformation about those shows that do happen.

Medicine Hat Live Indy Music aims to solve this problem by offering a place for all local and incoming indie bands to advertise their shows, but also to help them get information on venues and gigs within the city… a problem that Medicine Hat Media also tries to solve once and awhile when a band requests it.

Medicine Hat Live Indy Music Facebook Group

Which also reminds me, as posted in the group, there’s a show going on tonight at the The Legion Hall Games Room at 7PM featuring The Afterbeat w/ The Social Threat, The Weekend Kids, and Old Wives. View the Facebook Event for that here.

Remember when I posted about how Facebook didn’t have a “Medicine Hat” network? Well, it’s been quite a long time since then, and somewhere between then and now, a Medicine Hat network has been created on Facebook. I remember updating mine about 2 months ago and seen that there was now a Medicine Hat option instead of the Calgary one I had been using earlier.

The main reason I bring this up is because, like me, a lot of people used Calgary as an alternate – and still continue to use it! Most of them probably don’t know about the new Medicine Hat network, so hopefully this post will spread the word.

Mad Jake's Pub & Grub

Mad Jake's Pub & Grub

I’m a little bit late on posting this one, but the pub/bar previously known as Stillethos and Tantric recently had a promotional campaign entitled “Name Our Pub” which ran a contest to rename the business under the new management and owners, Ryan & Nola Besplug and Kary & Darcy Oshynko. They are no longer an adult-orientated bar and boast lower drink prices and a new selection of “grub”. Their original promotional site, aptly named, “” now just forwards you over to their new site here. The pub is now named “Mad Jake’s Pub & Grub”, as suggested by Shea Karcha. There was tons of choices as shown in the Facebook group post.

I’m more or less posting this here because it’s a great effort on the new owner’s part to try something like this. Being in the semi-traditional market that Medicine Hat is, this new form of marketing and advertising rarely shows up in this town. Most of the contest, discussion and promotional all happened on Facebook – something else we don’t see a lot of; people in this city embracing new (and free) media to their advantage. I also agree with the change from an adult/lingerie bar to a more neutral, classy place. I never was in Stillethos or Tantric before, but now, I will definitely stop in there in the near future.

Mad Jake’s Pub & Grub Website
Facebook Group

Facebook Connector is no longer installed on Medicine hat Media due to speed/loading issues as well as poor coding/design implementation of the WordPress plugin.

I could go on a long Facebook rant like I did a couple days ago about Twitter, but I’m pretty sure everybody knows what Facebook is, and most likely also know how they spend too much time on it. What you need to know is this: Facebook Connector has been implemented so that you can log in to Medicine Hat Media to comment through your Facebook login. What this means is that you can comment on the site and it will link back to your Facebook profile as well as take your current Facebook profile picture. This will only work if your privacy settings allow. For example, if you don’t have a public profile or public picture, they won’t be displayed – it doesn’t break any of your rules. You will also be able to do some other things like write status updates directly based on your comments or posts on the site. I’m sure I am missing other functions as well – I also seen a cool little Facebook overlay pop up on the site when I logged in via Facebook through Medicine Hat Media.

To log in using Facebook, click the “Facebook” login button above the comment submit section of every post. Normally though, it should log you in automatically if you are already logged into Facebook. Facebook and Medicine Hat Media now go together like bread and butter, and a hamburger between them, and maybe some BBQ sauce.

Over the last few days a website called What’s Up in the Hat? has debuted using the Ning social networking service. I will be running  and managing the website and social media presence. We have also debuted our Facebook & Twitter pages this morning.

We will be providing updates for events happening in the Medicine Hat area stretching all the way into Southwestern Saskatchewan. Our duty is to be committed to you! If you have anything you want to post on the website feel free to do so and if you can’t drop me a line at Facebook or Twitter and I am sure you can contact me somehow through our main website.

We are providing local events, possibly local news coming soon, a blog, a chat to speak with other members who are online, groups for different communities/regions and more!

Please check us out at our main website, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace

The City of Medicine Hat has launched its own Facebook page as part of its efforts to continue to improve communications with the public.

The city’s page includes events, news and other items of interest related to city services. Users of can search for “City of Medicine Hat” to become a fan and join the city’s page or visit this direct link.

“The new Facebook page is part of the city’s plans to make communication with residents, businesses and potential newcomers as meaningful as possible by providing timely information and updates on city news, events, photos and much more,” says Jody Lamb, corporate communications manager. “Social networking sites like Facebook are becoming increasingly important in this day and age when people have more choices than ever to seek news and information.” THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

*UPDATE: It worked! There is now a Medicine Hat network, update your profile!*

It’s been several years since I’ve lived in Medicine Hat and several years since I’ve been on Facebook, yet there is still no Medicine Hat network on Facebook – forcing people to use Calgary as their main network. Funnily enough though, there is a Medicine Hat College network where students can register to if they are a student or former student.

Through what I have been able to find out so many people have to hit “suggest a network” (anywhere from 10 to 25 people from what I’ve seen) and submit it for Facebook to create the network. But that seems like it would have already happened by now? There is even a group called “Hey Facebook. Make Medicine Hat a Network“.

Let’s try to get the ball rolling here, everybody go here and fill out the form: Suggest a New Network.

We are finally “newage” ! We have mastered technology and the internets! We made a Medicine Hat Media Facebook group. Look for a spammy-facebook-style invite coming soon!

We were just waiting for a large enough user base before making it, and now it is made, so get more fur than any turtle ever had, be more awesome than any biker mice on Mars, be more noble than a pharaoh when Egyptians ruled the world, quit the quack attacks, and join the group. Too many 1990’s cartoon references?

Join the Medicine Hat Media Facebook group here

I never realized this, but there is a huge community for buying and selling (garage sales) in Medicine Hat. Most of this community exists spread throughout several Facebook groups. Overall, it’s probably not the best system or way to do it; however, considering it’s Facebook, you’re going to get a lot of users, visitors and searches for items you are buying and selling – and most importantly, for FREE. In this post I will give a breakdown of all the Medicine Hat Buy & Sell groups available on Facebook.

I’m going to try and post all of them even if they don’t have much business going on because if anybody is trying to sell something (especially fast), it would be easier to post on every one of these groups to get maximum coverage (granted the item is compliant with the group’s rules). Sorry about the length on this one, there’s so many (redundant) groups!


One of the largest, if not the largest Medicine Hat based groups out there. There is over 6000 members, thousands of items, hundreds of posts. There’s a lot of business going on here. Who needs real garage sales anymore? GARAGE SALE MEDICINE HAT

ANYTHING for sale in Medicine Hat

This group is another big one with close to 1000 photos listed. Plenty of users and discussions going on. As the title suggests, anything is allowed on here. ANYTHING for sale in Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Moms Swap/Buy

This group is for children and baby items only. It is by far one of the largest groups of this type with almost 2000 members and over 800 items listed. Medicine Hat Moms Swap/Buy

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

In a topic earlier posted it was discussed how The Doghouse, Ezzies and the Kensho-Kai Karate Club had burned down. Since then, new information had been brought forward by the owners and the investigators.

It looks as though the fire had started in the attic and since the building is fairly old, it did not have any “firewalls” which would normally impede fires – in this case, since  the fire spread so rapidly, firefighters could not salvage a lot of the building. Although, all that 40% alcohol probably didn’t help the haste of the fire, haha… not to make light of the situation of course. On that same note, surprisingly the Kensho-Kai Karate Club was hardly harmed at all – since it was located in the basement. Most of their equipment was unharmed besides any water damage that occured. The 30 or so students will be resume their classes and use the cleaned-up equipment at their new temporary location, the Medicine Hat Monumental warehouse. They still do not know the actual cause of the fire.

The Doghouse Beer Cooler - Photography from Facebook

The Doghouse Beer Cooler - Photography from Facebook

The Doghouse has recently updated its site showcasing many links to all the news stories, but also links to a new Facebook group entitled “MAKE THE DOGHOUSE BIGGER AND BETTER” which already has 288 members. The Doghouse owner, Stig Gjerlaug is noted as saying (in a Medicine Hat News interview) that “We poured our hearts into that place, everything was going so well” and that he loves bringing entertainment to the community and he wants to continue. It really showed too, The Doghouse brought a lot of artists to Medicine Hat, that without The Doghouse probably would of never came here including bands like SNFU and A Wilhelm Scream to name a few. There was also a couple events that now have to be canceled or at least redirected including a perfomance by Priestess.




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