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I wanted to let everybody know about a relatively new Facebook Group, entitled, Medicine Hat Live Indy Music. For a while now, the number of musical venues in the city have been dwindled to a very meager selection, especially for independent, local, and smaller artists. This has triggered in less shows, but also more misinformation about those shows that do happen.

Medicine Hat Live Indy Music aims to solve this problem by offering a place for all local and incoming indie bands to advertise their shows, but also to help them get information on venues and gigs within the city… a problem that Medicine Hat Media also tries to solve once and awhile when a band requests it.

Medicine Hat Live Indy Music Facebook Group

Which also reminds me, as posted in the group, there’s a show going on tonight at the The Legion Hall Games Room at 7PM featuring The Afterbeat w/ The Social Threat, The Weekend Kids, and Old Wives. View the Facebook Event for that here.

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