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Buying, or even looking for a house in Medicine Hat used to be a daunting task for me, being a first time soon-to-be house owner and all. The total number of local Realty and Realtor sites mixed with directory listing sites for home buying is a mess! There’s so much visual clutter and not enough straight forward, easy to find listings for all houses in Medicine Hat. Searching through each one of hundreds of local Realtor sites is time consuming and usually not helpful at all. I wanted to find all houses for sale in Medicine Hat, no matter which seller.

That was until I found out and did a little research about MLS, which stands for Multiple Listing Service. It’s a convenient technology that allows Realtor and other listing sites to display all houses, condos, duplexes or whatever in your area with every search option imaginable from all Realty companies! Better yet, I found a website that uses this great technology in the most convenient way which even allows you to specify regions within which ever area you want using a Google-esque mapping function. This site is called

To use the most effectively, jump directly to their advanced search page. If you want to use that great mapping functionality I was explaining, go to their find by map section (this link currently points to the middle point of Medicine Hat, you can move around or refine your search). Like I said, there’s tons of search options, some of which are pretty unique like searching for Open Houses, or the 10 different options under “Building Type”. Like I stated before, this includes all local Realty companies such as Club ‘100’ GMAC Real Estate, Royal LePage Community Realty, Maxwell Team Realty, Re/Max Medalta Real Estate, and Century 21 to name the biggest names. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

I never realized this, but there is a huge community for buying and selling (garage sales) in Medicine Hat. Most of this community exists spread throughout several Facebook groups. Overall, it’s probably not the best system or way to do it; however, considering it’s Facebook, you’re going to get a lot of users, visitors and searches for items you are buying and selling – and most importantly, for FREE. In this post I will give a breakdown of all the Medicine Hat Buy & Sell groups available on Facebook.

I’m going to try and post all of them even if they don’t have much business going on because if anybody is trying to sell something (especially fast), it would be easier to post on every one of these groups to get maximum coverage (granted the item is compliant with the group’s rules). Sorry about the length on this one, there’s so many (redundant) groups!


One of the largest, if not the largest Medicine Hat based groups out there. There is over 6000 members, thousands of items, hundreds of posts. There’s a lot of business going on here. Who needs real garage sales anymore? GARAGE SALE MEDICINE HAT

ANYTHING for sale in Medicine Hat

This group is another big one with close to 1000 photos listed. Plenty of users and discussions going on. As the title suggests, anything is allowed on here. ANYTHING for sale in Medicine Hat

Medicine Hat Moms Swap/Buy

This group is for children and baby items only. It is by far one of the largest groups of this type with almost 2000 members and over 800 items listed. Medicine Hat Moms Swap/Buy

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