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A Wilhelm Scream at The Silver Buckle

A Wilhelm Scream

A Wilhelm Scream from New Bedford Massachusetts will visit Medicine Hat on Saturday October 3rd to rock The Silver Buckle with special guests The Artist Life & The Riot Before. Tickets are only $8 Advance / $12 Door, available at The Silver Buckle and Rapscallion, a steal of a deal for a great 3 band punk rock bill!

Wilhelm played The Doghouse (RIP) just over a year ago to a packed house and are by far one of the best fast technical punk rock bands around. Bass player Bri Robinson is a native of Canada, previously of the Toronto outfit The Fullblast, and had been named Bass Player of the Year by Alternative Press. Check out the video below to see why!

A Wilhelm Scream – The Horse [live] – Brian Bass Closeup
A Wilhelm Scream on Myspace
The Artist Life on Myspace
The Riot Before on Myspace

In a topic earlier posted it was discussed how The Doghouse, Ezzies and the Kensho-Kai Karate Club had burned down. Since then, new information had been brought forward by the owners and the investigators.

It looks as though the fire had started in the attic and since the building is fairly old, it did not have any “firewalls” which would normally impede fires – in this case, since  the fire spread so rapidly, firefighters could not salvage a lot of the building. Although, all that 40% alcohol probably didn’t help the haste of the fire, haha… not to make light of the situation of course. On that same note, surprisingly the Kensho-Kai Karate Club was hardly harmed at all – since it was located in the basement. Most of their equipment was unharmed besides any water damage that occured. The 30 or so students will be resume their classes and use the cleaned-up equipment at their new temporary location, the Medicine Hat Monumental warehouse. They still do not know the actual cause of the fire.

The Doghouse Beer Cooler - Photography from Facebook

The Doghouse Beer Cooler - Photography from Facebook

The Doghouse has recently updated its site showcasing many links to all the news stories, but also links to a new Facebook group entitled “MAKE THE DOGHOUSE BIGGER AND BETTER” which already has 288 members. The Doghouse owner, Stig Gjerlaug is noted as saying (in a Medicine Hat News interview) that “We poured our hearts into that place, everything was going so well” and that he loves bringing entertainment to the community and he wants to continue. It really showed too, The Doghouse brought a lot of artists to Medicine Hat, that without The Doghouse probably would of never came here including bands like SNFU and A Wilhelm Scream to name a few. There was also a couple events that now have to be canceled or at least redirected including a perfomance by Priestess.




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