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Medicine Hat Media is all about showcasing local media, whether it be videos, events, local band music or other things happening in and around the Hat. We also love to feature artists, designers and other businesses — basically what ever is going on in our lives and the lives of our contributors. If you have something to submit or are thinking about joining this blog as a contributor, please contact us at

What others have to say…

“Fantastic job on your guys’ site… I take a read at least once a day.”Joe McFarland, News Director, 102.1 The Lounge

“I have noticed your website – it’s definitely a good one.”Quentin Randall, Marketing & Fundraising Coordinator, Medalta

“Thanks for the local support you guys – you rock!”Joanne Pahl, Owner, Medicine Hat Meat Traders

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The Medicine Hat Media writers are:

Vaughn Royko
Lookin' all deep and stuff

Lookin’ all deep and stuff

I write about local art, music events, news and charities happening in Medicine Hat, and when I actually get a chance/willpower to go to one – I write about that too. Generally though, I write about whatever events are taking place in the city, or just random stuff (that’s what a blog is truly for after all).

Sean Potts
Sean Potts Avatar

Overexposed photos are so punk rock
@SeanPotts on Twitter

I write articles about whatever I have an interest in, whether it is music, art, or anything media-based in and around Medicine Hat. Sometimes they end up a little angsty; but hey, that is how I write. That is about all, Vaughn pretty much stole everything I would have said. That’s the last time I ask him to do something first…

The Evenstar

Off Chasing Rainbows

At the center of the earth in that parking lot
you sealed the promise with a kiss on the spot
Fast forward through the years, I think what a shame
our hearts have gone out of time and we’re not the same

Dusty Melling
Faux 'emo' to the max!

Faux ’emo’ to the max!

I have been in Medicine Hat and area my whole life and am a somewhat active artist in the community. I write about things that spark my interest or things that I would encourage people to take part in, which end up being mostly art or game related which I both thoroughly enjoy.

Been around the block...

Been around the block…

I have lived in Medicine Hat since age 18 and moved away only to attend UofL in 1991, completing 3 years of a BA in English Literature. I started in computers at the Glass Factory in Redcliff in the early 1980s and bought a Commodore-64 to learn more at home. Soon I picked up an 8088-based machine with MS-DOS 3-21 and added a 20MB HDD for $600. Now I am a die-hard Firefox fan that runs fine on my 6-year-old system. I really enjoy Medicine Hat Media, the variety of information posted and the responses generated.

Mike Waterhouse

Mike has become a regular contributor for Medicine Hat Media and he tends to catch everything important that we miss. He hasn’t written a bio for himself yet on this page, but we decided to mention his name here because of his ongoing efforts. He deals mostly with interesting local videos.

Scott Kunz

Scott mainly writes about Medicine Hat community events. He spends his time scouring social networking sites and tweeting about events going on in town. Scott is by far our youngest community contributor, but is talented at writing and is highly knowledgeable. Check him out on Twitter @scottkunz

Guest Writers

We will have a couple guest writers from time to time which could include you! Have something to vent/rant or write about? Just submit it to us by clicking here and we will make you an internet-star (not really, but maybe?). Chances are you were directed to this sentence automatically by clicking on a name, which means we don’t have a profile yet for the user you clicked on.