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The Rhyme & Reason Writers Club and the Medicine Hat Photography Club present: “Is a Picture Worth a Thousand Words?”

An exhibit featuring a fusion of images and the written word.

It will be held at The Medicine Hat Cultural Centre, 299 College Drive SE, Medicine Hat from Sunday, December 10, 2014 to Tuesday, January 6, 2015.

Don’t miss the opening reception on Sunday, December 14th from 2pm to 5pm. Refreshments & admission are FREE!

Medicine Hat College approached the City of Medicine Hat last year with a proposal to gain full use of the Cultural Centre for the expansion of the Visual Communications Program. The City agreed to work with the College and key stakeholders to look at viable solutions to relocate the current City supported user groups, but City Council has determined it is not financially feasible for the City to relocate the groups from the Cultural Centre.

“The College has been notified of the City’s decision and operation of the Cultural Centre will continue to be a shared responsibility of the City and the College,” said Ray Barnard, Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Medicine Hat.

The Cultural Centre opened in 1983 as a shared project of the City and the College and will continue to be a place for Arts and Culture to thrive in the Medicine Hat Community.

“Our goal has been to find an affordable way of serving the needs of our students, and I offer my thanks to the City for the energy and time they committed to their evaluation,” said Dr. Ralph Weeks, President & CEO of Medicine Hat College. “Our motivation to steward resources intended for post-secondary education, and provide appropriate space for our students, continues.”

Medicine Hat College has approached the City of Medicine Hat with a proposal to gain full use of the Cultural Centre for the relocation and expansion of the Visual Communications Program. The City has agreed to work with the College and key stakeholders to determine if a viable solution can be found for the relocation of the current City supported user groups.

City and College officials met with key stakeholders last night in three small group meetings to provide information, address concerns and answer questions.

“The initial meetings last night were intended to start the engagement process with key stakeholders by providing information and setting expectations for the process,” said Ron Webb, Commissioner of Public Services for the City of Medicine Hat.” To date, no decisions have been made and the City is interested in discussing options with stakeholders at the next meeting.”

A closed stakeholder workshop is scheduled for Wednesday, June 2, 2010. Stakeholders will be asked to identify and assess potential options through participation in facilitated discussions. Once a recommendation is complete, it will be presented to City Council for their final decision.

To date, the Cultural Centre has been used as a shared space for college and community cultural groups, but the needs of the College have changed and without full access to this space, they cannot expand the Visual Communications program.

“The relocation for this hallmark program will not only serve the students and faculty of Medicine Hat College, but will contribute to the vibrant cultural growth of the city,” said Dr. Ralph Weeks, President of Medicine Hat College.

As the project progresses, open houses will be scheduled accordingly to inform the community.

Friday night, Sean and I had the pleasure of enjoying The Children’s Hour in the Cultural Centre’s Blackbox Theatre. The play began promptly at 7:30 and the high-quality of the acting was immediately evident. I have never seen such excellent acting in a Medicine Hat production, many of the actors in The Children’s Hour were near the calibre of the actor’s I’ve seen on Broadway (however, that is hard to judge without numerous over-the-top dance numbers). The storyline was thought provoking and had no shortage of moral dilemmas to ponder following the performance. The bleachers were packed, and the rest of the audience seemed to enjoy the performance as much as Sean and I.

I have only one minor critique to offer, as I usually do in reviews like this. First of all, the play began at 7:30 and ended at 10:10, and it definitely felt that long due to the slow progression of the plot. This fact was not helped along by the two ten-minute intermission that coincided with set changes. In most, if not all, other plays I’ve been to the customary practice is to have one intermission following the longer section of the play, with a significantly shorter section following the break. Until now I had not realized how beneficial such a practice is. The play last night seemed much longer than it was, since the first scene was 45 minutes long, the second roughly 20 minutes, and the final scene was approximately 30 minutes with short intermissions between the scenes. In short, it felt like it was dragging toward the end, which is unfortunate since the play was excellent otherwise.

I hope this play precedes many more excellent performances in this city!

The Children's Hour

The Children's Hour Poster

The Children’s Hour is a popular play written by Lillian Hellman in 1934 which was also made into a film (starting Audrey Hepburn & Shirley MacLaine) in 1961 launching it further into mainstream drama production. Without spoiling too much, but revealing just enough of the story, It is set in a girl’s boarding school run by two women, Karen Wright and Martha Dobie. An angry student, Mary Tilford, runs away from the school and to avoid being sent back she tells her grandmother a disturbing lie about the two headmistresses. The accusation proceeds to destroy the teacher’s careers, relationships and lives.

College Players and Fut in the Hat have chosen to adapt the play in their latest production. They are performing their piece on April 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th at 7:30PM. You can buy tickets online or at the Esplanade for $15. I probably wouldn’t recommend the play for younger children due to the topic matter. I’m glad I could help with the poster design on this project like Helen: A Spartan Love Story previously from the College Players. Unlike Helen though, this time the play is taking place at the Cultural Centre in the Black Box Theatre.

The Hat Art Club (also known as the Medicine Hat Art Club) is a non-profit organization for artists in the city. It is also known to most as “what the Cultural Centre by the Medicine Hat College is used for”. Like I stated, the club’s main residence is in the Cultural Centre’s various studios and features many programs including classes and workshops to the public.  Unfortunately I have posted this a little late in the game as most of the classes are ending this year until September but I may post an update later when they begin again.

The mandate of the club is to promote awareness of the various media of visual art and to encourage personal development and growth. The membership costs $100 a year but considering membership gets you studio space and access to things like a printing press, easels, drawing tables, etc. it’s well worth it even without doing any of the classes. Continue reading for the full list of both programs and benefits:

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Blue Cat Eight cordially invites you to their painting show at the Medicine Hat Cultural Center on the evening of December 3rd, 2008. The show starts at about 8:00PM. As always, free wine and perhaps beer will be available, and even perhaps delicious fruits, vegetables, crackers and maybe meats will be up for grabs by the attendees. If you are in College, it is a good way to socialize or get lots of vegetables and fruits to fight scurvy, whichever you prefer the most. Blue Cat Eight features student’s work from the Painting I class in the Visual Communications program at the Medicine Hat College.

The event will show the artwork of the following artists:

Emily Borody, Chelsey Buchinski, April Dammann, Lacey Fehr, Jessica Hayward, Jane Jacoby, Carol Jordan, Kristian Jungk, Safira Lachapelle, Amanda Lowey, Allison Martin, Vincent Matt, Kaitlyn Mckinley, Jonathan Moscoso, Meredith Penner, Matthew Shorten, Charis Slusar, Laura Sou, Erin Stankewich, Kathlene Steel, Ashley Steier, Matthew Valgardson.

Apologies if I got anyones name wrong, I got the list of names from the invitation.

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