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Medalta LogoWith another busy summer of artists putting in long hours in Medalta’s contemporary artists’ studios (and putting miles on those bikes so many of you generously donated to us), we want to make sure every artist who comes to Medalta has a comfortable place to sleep in Medicine Hat.

Although these artists do work very long hours in our studios, they actually do sleep. And although one of our studio couches make do as a spot for a quick nap, they really prefer a bed.

We keep a list of Medalta supporters who are willing to take in a visiting artist during their stay. Over time, that list has slowly shrunk as peoples’ lives have evolved.

Now, we want to add that list. If you have a spare room in your home and are interested in hosting a visiting artist, we would love to hear from you. If you decide to be a potential host, we will ask you how long you’re comfortable having one of these artists in your home (we have artists who come anywhere between one month and one year). We will make sure that whoever you welcome into your home is a good match for you.

These artists pay to stay with you and you set the rate. Given that these people have taken time away from their families, careers and home, we do suggest that you set a rate in line with the current market while making it something that both you and the artist are both comfortable with. Most of our current hosts charge between $400 & $500 per month for a room (while some simply ask the artist to pay what they’re able to pay). Again, it’s up to you.

They generally take care of their own meals (lots of meals are eaten at our studios with the other artists), laundry (we have laundry at Medalta), transportation, etc. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

419 3rd Street SE Downtown
Thursday November 28, 2013
6pm to 11pm

Its that time of year again! Mark your calendars! Downtown Midnight Madness is Thursday November 28th. We will be filling our plaza hallways with a great variety of vendors including baking, face painting, crafts, entertainment and much more!

BRING YOUR CAMERA! Santa will be at our plaza from 8pm to 9pm!

Vendors so far include:

  • Runwayz Boutique Medicine Hat
  • Paintergirl Murals & Decorative Painting
  • Baking
  • Avon
  • Smitten Kitten Mittens
  • Blossoms Fresh Fruit Arrangements Medicine Hat (Grand Opening Celebration)
  • Park Lane Jewelry
  • Scentsy
  • It Works
  • Beauti Control
  • B2 Pur
  • Toe Business Airbrushing and More
  • Signature Homestyles
  • Dejean Group

Vendors will be announced as confirmed.

Everyone welcome! Free to attend! Entertainment will be provided by Tone Dance & Fitness.

For more details please contact Angela Boschee at 403-866-9299 or Lorraine Dalla-Longa at 403-977-1363.

Like our page on Facebook:

Visit our website:

Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop regarding all the latest and greatest sales, events and more!

Soup Kitchen

Hope Street Compassionate Ministry Centre (Hope Street CMC) is more commonly known as Hope Street Church. Hope Street CMC is a safe, family friendly place you can visit on a Sunday afternoon and have a hot meal, experience fellowship and participate in a CMC Church Service.

At Hope, we see a large number of single parent families, homeless and chronic homeless individuals, the working poor and the impoverished. People who have tried most avenues to find help but have come up short. Hope Street CMC continues to fill a big hole in our local community to help those who need help.

In 2012 Hope Street CMC has served approximately: 5,025 meals, 35,000 peanut butter sandwiches, thousands of loaves of bread and other food items, 900 Burgers and 650 Hot Dogs during BBQ season and 100 Roast Beef Buns/Week (last 6 months). We have seen countless articles of clothing donated; including warm clothes, mitts, toques and scarves be for the cold winter months. We have seen an attendance by members of the local community that ranges from 80-100 people/week and have seen between 100-125 people/week over the summer BBQ season. We also see 120-150 people for each Christmas Meal.

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Local Public Eatery is hosting a Superbowl Party on Sunday, February 5th. We are having prize giveaways and drink specials. Great food and great people. Join the party!

Local Public Eatery

It’s common food done uncommonly well, it’s a great pint, cocktails as you like them and more than anything else, it’s the kind of place where your table is your backyard and the customers are your crowd.

579 3rd St SE Medicine Hat, Alberta T1A 0H2

Facebook Page

Saw the Sign

I’ve been itching to get into this place ever since I saw the signage a week ago. Friday, July 15th was the day I kept hearing they would be opened so I’ve been counting down the days.

Twitter seemed to be the best place for me to find information about this coming restaurant. Local tweets got me a sneak peak of the menu and pointed me towards their website. Both the pictures and prices looked great which added to my already mounting excitement. I’ve been looking forward to a good sushi place in the Hat and this new business held a lot of potential.
Sushi for Lunch!

Well today is the 15th and I’m going for lunch! I had invited a couple people and talked with a few others, even mentioned the possibility of twitter users meeting (#tweepsandgeeks for the initiated), but all my options for company went south. No worries, I’m a big boy so I went alone.

Arrived at the restaurant at noon, was seated and had my first order taken right away. Ten minutes later I had a plate with some nice looking California Rolls and BBQ Eel Rolls.

Wait! Where was my Halibut, Salmon and Snapper Sushi? Apparently it was coming. I took my time, enjoyed the two rolls and was working on the last two pieces when the server returned to ask me if I wanted anything else. I reminded him that I had some coming, which he remembered and said that I would receive it very soon. A few minutes later he returned looking apologetic and informed me that the sushi counter had lost the second half of my order. I reiterated my order and added a spicy tuna and spicy salmon roll to the list. My server promised it all very soon and went to deliver my order to the counter. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Edo Japan

“Delight in this flavourful combination of fresh cut carrots, broccoli flowerets, chopped mushrooms and cabbage – grilled to perfection!”

Fresh Grilled Vegetables


While looking for fast food options I tried out Edo, where they have fresh grilled veggies on their menu, which I have with yakisoba. It’s a combination of “freshly sliced carrots, broccoli florets, chopped mushrooms, and shredded cabbage steamed and grilled”, on your choice of rice or noodles with teriyaki sauce (if you’d like). I liked it before, not having meat hardly made a difference to me now. They also serve avocado and cucumber sushi, which was one of my saving graces for sushi cravings since I avoid seafood in my diet.

Spectrum LogoAlthough it’s been pretty depressing in terms of weather lately, all signs point to some nice sunshine tomorrow for the annual downtown Spectrum event (but ofcourse, with some chance of rain). Officially the Spectrum starts today and lasts until Sunday, but most of the events are taking place tomorrow, except for all the great deals that is. As usual, there’s going to be tons of deals from all the local businesses downtown; however, this year they are opening up the event to take over first and third street as well. Besides the shops, there’s also the events such as, music, magic, fashion, comedy and more.

In typical fashion, the Medicine Hat News has released a Spectrum supplement which details all the different events happening this year: Spectrum 2011 Guide – It truly is a good informational resource for Spectrum.

Medicine Hat News article: Spectrum Festival takes over downtown by Collin Gallant

Spectrum Website

Thai Orchid Room

“Coconut milk curry made with cilantro and spinach, sauteed with fresh mixed vegetables and tofu.”

Green Curry Vegetable (Gaeng Kiaw Wan Pak)


Okay seriously, this is all-in-all the best food I have ever eaten, I cannot put into words how perfectly creamy, perfectly spicy, and perfectly delicious it is. I’ve never gotten past the thai green curry dish to try anything else there because I simply love it so much. If there’s sauce leftover I will drink it straight. This veggie dish can come with tofu – needless to say, the best tofu I’ve ever had. It’s deep fried tofu, I think a combination of chewy and bready is the best way I can describe it but it certainly doesn’t have the awful texture most tofu has. It comes with jasmine rice, which is probably as good as jasmine rice will ever get. I know Thai Orchid can be pricey, it’s a fancy place, I’ve never had anything bad to say about the staff and service. I don’t know what else to say, it’s simply all kinds of amazing.

I would also like to mention that Thai Orchid Room has been on Medicine Hat Media’s Top Restaurant Picks for the last three years since it started.

Website Screenshot

Website Screenshot

A new local website has launched today called “Crewpon”, a combination of “Crew” and “Coupon”. It is a group/team buying site, similar to that of Groupon. People buy certificates, gift cards, coupons and other deals for discounted prices. For example, the deal today and this week is for Labels for Men; they are offering a $50 gift certificate for $25 which means you are saving 50% off of something you might be buying anyways. So if you shop or want to start shopping at Labels for Men, why not?

Crewpon kind of works like Groupon, but instead of only offering deals to big cities around here (like Calgary), this is a local initiative, done locally by the Medicine Hat News and TriCube Media.

How does Crewpon work?

  1. A local business offers a coupon/deal/gift card for a limited amount of time.
  2. Purchasers have a limited amount of time to purchase the discount.
  3. Bring in the purchased coupon (from your phone or printed copy) to the physical location to get your discount.


I have been to the Silver Buckle on two other occasions besides on St. Patty’s Day, and 2/3 of my experiences were terrible!

My first experience was on a wing night. The place was steady but far from being overly busy. It was forever until we even received a “hello” from a waitress, yet she passed us numerous times. We finally got our drinks and wings, however we were missing a couple orders of wings. We let the waitress know, and she confirmed they’d be at our table soon. I asked for a water and she said I had to pay over $2 for a bottle of water, stating, that on wing nights, they do not give out free water! But yet, I had a couple drinks already and had bought numerous orders of wings! Needless to say after an hour we still had yet to receive our missing wings or any refills on our drinks. When trying to get our tab we had to hunt her down, to find out she transferred it to another server, and to find her! When we finally received our tab, it  had drinks on it we never had and still had the wings on it we never received! I told the new server we did not recieve the wings or the drinks and she said she’d figure it out for us. The old waitress then came back with the receipt and asked what was wrong. We explained and she told us she’d get us two sets of wings for free. We denied, since we’ve been there over an hour and a half and were ready to leave. She then became very rude, told us she’d take off the wings we didn’t receive and stormed off. Before leaving I asked the bar if I could speak to a manager, they told me no one was in and to phone later. I did, and still no manager, so I left my name and number, and of course I did not get a call back.

I returned on on St. Patty’s Day with a group, intending to have a sociable night. It took us 20 minutes just to receive our first drink, and when our drink arrived the order was all wrong, however that wasn’t a big deal. We were far from picky. After a good half hour, our drinks were empty and the waitress hadn’t been back. After 45 minutes and no sign of the waitress, me and my husband decided to hit the bar for our drinks, where we witnessed our server hanging off a customer and taking shots! At the beginning we didn’t think anything about the lack of service, because the place was busy and giving the waitress the benefit of the doubt, but to see her doing shots instead of serving the customers is very unprofessional. Throughout the night we witnessed her behind the bar taking shots and when she did finally come back to our table, she was incoherent and stumbling! It was then we decided to pay our tab and leave.

Very unprofessional!

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