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TriCube Media Contest

TriCube Media Contest

TriCube Media is holding a contest in which one lucky winner will win 500 business cards, designed by TriCube Media, along with free online and print promotion for their business. Interested? Then all you have to do is follow these two steps:

  1. Like TriCube Media on Facebook:
  2. Post your logo on the TriCube Media Facebook wall.

That’s it! A winner will be selected randomly and will be announced on TriCube Media’s Facebook page, Shop The Hat, as well as in the Medicine Hat News and Prairie Post.

Submit your logo.

Website Screenshot

Website Screenshot

A new local website has launched today called “Crewpon”, a combination of “Crew” and “Coupon”. It is a group/team buying site, similar to that of Groupon. People buy certificates, gift cards, coupons and other deals for discounted prices. For example, the deal today and this week is for Labels for Men; they are offering a $50 gift certificate for $25 which means you are saving 50% off of something you might be buying anyways. So if you shop or want to start shopping at Labels for Men, why not?

Crewpon kind of works like Groupon, but instead of only offering deals to big cities around here (like Calgary), this is a local initiative, done locally by the Medicine Hat News and TriCube Media.

How does Crewpon work?

  1. A local business offers a coupon/deal/gift card for a limited amount of time.
  2. Purchasers have a limited amount of time to purchase the discount.
  3. Bring in the purchased coupon (from your phone or printed copy) to the physical location to get your discount.


Featured Business of the Week is an initiative created by a partnership between the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce, TriCube Media, and Medicine Hat News. It’s a look into showcasing and featuring great local businesses around town. Included in their package is the opportunity to record a short video/commercial which are subsequently posted to a multitude of places, including YouTube. They are currently featuring their 11th business with no signs of stopping. I think it’s a pretty neat project and cool concept locally for all those involved.

I have seen these videos popping up in quite a few places (mostly in social networking), and most recently, a full site has launched dedicated to featuring the videos and information: Website Website was a project and website started by Grant Buchanan of My96FM in support of testicular cancer, a subject he has had first hand experience with. With the help of TriCube Media, local web developer/designers, he was able to launch a site to tell his story and spread the information in the process. Overall, he takes a very humor-driven approach to speaking on the subject matter which may help spread the word to a younger demographic, not unlike Tom Green that (when he was still relevant) filmed the whole process of his testicular cancer story, in a Tom Green-esque comedy fashion, which is actually on as well.

The project is also in support of MANuary, a cause dedicated to promote and encourage awareness of testicular cancer in Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society. There’s still more chapters to be written, so make sure to check back to the site often to get the latest chapter and any updates to the home page which Grant has been doing as well.

New Website Screenshot

New Website Screenshot

The Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede has just recently got a much-needed face-lift on their old site. Although the old website gave visitors what they needed, it was hard to navigate and confusing to find specific things. The new build, developed and designed by TriCube Media boasts a much stronger western feel but keeping true to the red and blue of the known brand. It features all the same content, but a larger focus on photography and events. As this is the slow season for the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede workers, I would expect a lot more content to show up on the site over the next month(s).

Also, as you may have noticed, Jim Tennant, Corp. Develp. Mktg. of the Medicine Hat Exhibition & Stampede has started to post on Medicine Hat Media, which is awesome by the way.

Medicine Hat Exhibition Stampede on Facebook

Friday's Image Website Montage

Friday's Image Website Montage

Coming out of TriCube Media, is the Friday’s Image website. A local, visually artistic site, for the popular downtown lingerie and cosmetics store. Recently added to the site was the ability to purchase cosmetics online, truly making it an e-commerce website. Owner, Diane Ziegenhagel states that she still wants women to come into the store for lingerie purchases to receive their premium fitting services as detailed in the “Fitting” article – but the website still allows women (and I guess, Men buying for women?) to browse through most of their inventory.

Each section of products features a custom digital illustration to match the product, done by local artist (and sometimes Medicine Hat Media poster), Dusty Melling.  All of the cosmetics imagery has also been digital drawn and vectored to match the overall aesthetics of the site. The color palette is vibrant and fun – suiting the personality of Dianne and the branding of the store.

This post for me kind of goes outside of my knowledge in terms of the content on the website (you know, being a guy and all), but being a part of the actual website development granted me an opportunity to get to know Dianne and her store, I thought it would be nice to shed some light on this beautiful local website, not matter how bias I may seem.

Shop the Hat Logo

Shop the Hat Logo

In the efforts to keep consumer’s shopping locally, TriCube Media has launched a new service today entitled “Shop the Hat”. Shop the Hat is a premier business directory website that focuses on local shopping and retail. It features a surprising amount of other information as well including an event list and calendar, contests, an article section and printable coupons (for some businesses). The best free services on site include ability for user-uploaded events, user-submitted articles and the Shop the Hat twitter account which features a feed of all the local deals and commerce going on around the city.

As most of you know, I currently work at TriCube Media, so I posted this at the risk of sounding bias. You should also know, I’m not going to post anything on the site under my name unless I endorse it on a personal level – which is the case for Shop the Hat. I’m all about local websites providing a good service for business owners and shoppers alike. We will be adding more and more over the upcoming months including more events, more articles, more businesses, adding more pictures and more information about those businesses. I think it will be an constantly evolving project.

The site is actually a re-make of an older TriCube Media website entitled “MH Gift Guide” which did some of the same things; however, it became apparent we needed a more targeted and community-driven version of it, a lot like the rebuild of the Medicine Hat Menus from its previous version.

Shop the Hat
Medicine Hat News Article on Shop the Hat

New look for the Santa Claus Fund website

New look for the Santa Claus Fund website

Lately, I’ve been trying to get around to featuring all the new local websites that have been popping up lately, but it’s really hard writing about all of them on a weekly basis now. It almost seems like around 2 or 3 of them pop up per week – I guess I am not helping the situation either, as it’s part of my profession, haha.

This week we have a new website for the Medicine Hat News Santa Claus Fund (Society). The logo was designed by local design studio, December 2nd, while the website was created and designed by TriCube Media for a Medicine Hat News organization. It’s great when three local companies can come together and develop something; albeit, TriCube Media and Medicine Hat News were already working together. The website URL has also changed over to “mhsantafund” rather than the obscure “mhscf”.

A great section of the site is the event section which is a huge list of events taking place as part of the Santa Claus Fund. The 17 or so events are all happening from July to December and most of them are recurring yearly. Hopefully we can even post a couple of them on Medicine Hat Media when they are near. There was a full story about the make-over posted in the Medicine Hat News today.

All information about the organization can be found on the new website.

Medicine Hat News Santa Claus Fund Society Website

Dunmore Road is the main strip of Medicine Hat. It is the first turn into the city when traveling west and connects with the opposite end of the city, with many strip malls, restaurants and stores along the way.

Restaurants include:

  • Moxies
  • Montanas
  • Boston Pizza
  • Earls
  • Sushi Miso
  • Bee Natural
  • Pho Dao
  • Roscos

Fast Food restaurants include:

  • Taco Time
  • Dairy Queen
  • McDonalds
  • Mary Browns
  • A&W
  • Burger King
  • KFC
  • Booster Juice
  • Subway

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

TriCube Media Logo

Newly designed logo

Although I’m a tad bit late on this, TriCube Media, local web design and development company has released their new website a long with a new logo and branding effort. TriCube Media has also recently celebrated its fifth year running.

For those of you unaware, TriCube Media is The Medicine Hat New’s web department that branched out as its own company years ago and started servicing their own clients as well. TriCube Media also offers web advertising, company branding and other design related production. TriCube Media currently has offices and representatives in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Thunder Bay, and Kelowna.

The new website focuses on a clean and simple aesthetic with a bit of “corporate” feel to it (the stark white areas) offset by some colorful and bright backgrounds. The logo follows that same function but mixes “technology-esque” typography with a simple, yet iconic visual logo playing with the idea of illusion for introducing the “three cubes” as showcased in the intro video on the home page.

TriCube Media Homepage

TriCube Media home page

Some of you may know that I currently work for TriCube Media and was largely responsible for the outcome of the design and development on both the website and the new branding.

Sean has said that he wants to do a post or round-up of all the web design companies within the city, so make sure to stay tuned for that if you are interested in this kind of post. We will probably also feature each company separately at some point – kind of like this post, but more focused on the company itself rather than if it launched a new site.

TriCube Media website



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