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Posts Tagged ‘Grant Buchanan’ Website Website was a project and website started by Grant Buchanan of My96FM in support of testicular cancer, a subject he has had first hand experience with. With the help of TriCube Media, local web developer/designers, he was able to launch a site to tell his story and spread the information in the process. Overall, he takes a very humor-driven approach to speaking on the subject matter which may help spread the word to a younger demographic, not unlike Tom Green that (when he was still relevant) filmed the whole process of his testicular cancer story, in a Tom Green-esque comedy fashion, which is actually on as well.

The project is also in support of MANuary, a cause dedicated to promote and encourage awareness of testicular cancer in Canada and the Canadian Cancer Society. There’s still more chapters to be written, so make sure to check back to the site often to get the latest chapter and any updates to the home page which Grant has been doing as well.

My96FM is now sporting a brand new website.

The new website is pretty slick and incorporates an interactive poll to vote on whatever contest is going on, an MP3 and video module for listeners to hear and see the latest band or song that is out, photo albums from My96 events, Facebook links to the On Air Crew, concert links for Southeast Alberta, etc.

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The website incorporates a streaming radio application you can run directly from your web browser as well, so you can listen to My96FM from work or home and you can win stuff by listening and rate the music. Simply click around to see what you can find.

Interested in finding out all about the On Air Crew? Check out their biographies. According to The 10 Facts about Grant Buchanan, he has only one testicle. Not only can you see photos of what the voice coming out of your speakers looks like, but you can read about what is in their pants too!



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