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In Print - Medicine Hat News art exhibition

In Print – Medicine Hat News art exhibition

In Print – Medicine Hat News art exhibition

Opening Reception

  • TONIGHT! Friday, March 1st
  • 7:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Yuill Family Gallery (Medalta)
  • No Charge Entry

A newspaper’s front page has long been a ubiquitous part of many peoples’ lives. It is often the first point of reference when big news breaks anywhere in the world. The headlines call to us and even though the images are often iconic, few can name the source they originally came from.

How can it be that one of the most important communication tools of the past 500 years can be taken for granted?

In this exhibition, Medalta and the Medicine Hat News have partnered to exhibit important front pages over the past one hundred years.

The thought is that by elevating the Front Page from its regular place on your dining room table to the walls of a gallery, it will encourage the viewer to re-visit the idea of how information is transmitted.


March 1 – April 13
Yuill Family Gallery @ Medalta

The Medicine Hat News is offering a few scholarships to eligible applicants to get a jump on their post-secondary pursuits. There are three for $1000 each and two, in part by the Medicine Hat Tigers, for $2500 each. Some restrictions apply based the field of study, such as Journalism or Visual Communications.

View the Medicine Hat News Scholarship PDF to find one that may be applicable to you:

The deadline is Thursday, August 9th, 2012 (tomorrow!)

As most of you know, the Canada Post is now in “lockout” mode, which is kind of like a reverse-strike; essentially, the employers are stopping the employees from working. Previously, Canada Post workers were on a “rotating strike” which meant packages and mail were still getting through on a semi-regular schedule, save for one day where each province would take their turn at striking.

In a lockout, no mail is delivered. But wait! Hope is not lost. According to a couple posts on the Medicine Hat News Facebook Page, one employee, Donny Taylor, has stated that he, and a couple others from the local offices of Canada Post are still delivering. This is both good and bad news. The good news is that cheques are still being delivered in this volunteer-mode; however, the bad news is this only effects cheques. That means you are still out of luck for packages and other pieces of mail.

The last Canada Post strike was in 1997 and lasted two weeks. Although this isn’t technically a strike anymore, I personally hope it still only lasts a couple weeks before some headway is made. Others though, are indifferent of the situation. In the age of email, online banking, online payments/bills, digital services – traditional mail is becoming less relevant. Unfortunately, I am still waiting for video games to be shipped, and I need my fix!

Website Screenshot

Website Screenshot

A new local website has launched today called “Crewpon”, a combination of “Crew” and “Coupon”. It is a group/team buying site, similar to that of Groupon. People buy certificates, gift cards, coupons and other deals for discounted prices. For example, the deal today and this week is for Labels for Men; they are offering a $50 gift certificate for $25 which means you are saving 50% off of something you might be buying anyways. So if you shop or want to start shopping at Labels for Men, why not?

Crewpon kind of works like Groupon, but instead of only offering deals to big cities around here (like Calgary), this is a local initiative, done locally by the Medicine Hat News and TriCube Media.

How does Crewpon work?

  1. A local business offers a coupon/deal/gift card for a limited amount of time.
  2. Purchasers have a limited amount of time to purchase the discount.
  3. Bring in the purchased coupon (from your phone or printed copy) to the physical location to get your discount.


In an interview with the Medicine Hat News, Medicine Hat MP, LaVar Payne defended against Norm Boucher’s comments about him not doing anything for Medicine Hat.

Not only did he fail to defend himself, but the Medicine Hat News caught him in a lie regarding the Events Centre application.

You can access the full story by clicking here.

Santa Claus Fund Online Auction Website

Santa Claus Fund Online Auction Website

The Medicine Hat News Santa Claus Fund is having an online auction starting today and finishing on December 16th. I previously posted about their new website and now we have an online auction version of their site as well. It seems like more and more organizations and charitable services in the city are taking the plunge and going digital, sometimes exclusively; however, you still have to come pick up your items at the Medicine Hat News building – in person!

There’s tons of items up for bidding (over 50) by many sponsors all throughout the city. Many local companies and businesses have graciously donated services and inventory to the Santa Claus Fund in hopes of making money for the organization. As many know, the Santa Claus Fund gives back to local needy families and individuals during the Christmas season, but also throughout the whole year. As with any online auction, be weary of those last minute bidders that snatch up your items!

At the end of bidding and if you are the winner of any item(s), you are able to pay via PayPal, or you can pay with cash/debit/credit card in person when you pick up your item(s) at the Medicine Hat News building.

Santa Claus Fund Auction Website

New look for the Santa Claus Fund website

New look for the Santa Claus Fund website

Lately, I’ve been trying to get around to featuring all the new local websites that have been popping up lately, but it’s really hard writing about all of them on a weekly basis now. It almost seems like around 2 or 3 of them pop up per week – I guess I am not helping the situation either, as it’s part of my profession, haha.

This week we have a new website for the Medicine Hat News Santa Claus Fund (Society). The logo was designed by local design studio, December 2nd, while the website was created and designed by TriCube Media for a Medicine Hat News organization. It’s great when three local companies can come together and develop something; albeit, TriCube Media and Medicine Hat News were already working together. The website URL has also changed over to “mhsantafund” rather than the obscure “mhscf”.

A great section of the site is the event section which is a huge list of events taking place as part of the Santa Claus Fund. The 17 or so events are all happening from July to December and most of them are recurring yearly. Hopefully we can even post a couple of them on Medicine Hat Media when they are near. There was a full story about the make-over posted in the Medicine Hat News today.

All information about the organization can be found on the new website.

Medicine Hat News Santa Claus Fund Society Website

TriCube Media Logo

Newly designed logo

Although I’m a tad bit late on this, TriCube Media, local web design and development company has released their new website a long with a new logo and branding effort. TriCube Media has also recently celebrated its fifth year running.

For those of you unaware, TriCube Media is The Medicine Hat New’s web department that branched out as its own company years ago and started servicing their own clients as well. TriCube Media also offers web advertising, company branding and other design related production. TriCube Media currently has offices and representatives in Medicine Hat, Lethbridge, Thunder Bay, and Kelowna.

The new website focuses on a clean and simple aesthetic with a bit of “corporate” feel to it (the stark white areas) offset by some colorful and bright backgrounds. The logo follows that same function but mixes “technology-esque” typography with a simple, yet iconic visual logo playing with the idea of illusion for introducing the “three cubes” as showcased in the intro video on the home page.

TriCube Media Homepage

TriCube Media home page

Some of you may know that I currently work for TriCube Media and was largely responsible for the outcome of the design and development on both the website and the new branding.

Sean has said that he wants to do a post or round-up of all the web design companies within the city, so make sure to stay tuned for that if you are interested in this kind of post. We will probably also feature each company separately at some point – kind of like this post, but more focused on the company itself rather than if it launched a new site.

TriCube Media website

Getting your local news and stories is getting easier and easier in Medicine Hat. We are also tooting our own horn by saying we’ve been helping in this very field; however, there is a couple places you may not be aware of, and others which are second nature to most living in the hat.

Medicine Hat News

Medicine Hat News

This can be filled under the “duh” category. The Medicine Hat News website is a great source of free local news. For a bit more, you can subscribe to the digital or physical version of the paper to get more news and events. Typically, less than half of the news gets put online that is in the actual subscription versions which a lot of people surprisingly don’t know. Some places of relevant interest on the site include:

Local News
Top News

102.1 The Lounge CJCY-FM


102.1 The Lounge’s news section on their new website features local news stories as reported by a small team of four including: Joe McFarland, Christy Mitchell, Steve Krysak and Harv Speers. There is quite a few good stories posted every so often and typically 2-3 stories go up every workday. They are usually pretty short, but nice and to the point. As of right now I can’t figure out how to see previous news stories as the news page only shows the 15 last news stories with no option of going further back. Either way, a good free news resource.

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

2009 Medicine Hat Stampede & Exhibition

2009 Medicine Hat Stampede & Exhibition

Looking for the 2010 post?

With the 2009 Medicine Hat Stampede & Exhibition well under-way, many are excited for this weekend when they will get the chance to visit the Exhibition portion of the event. The grounds officially opened today at noon. The festivities began with a pancake breakfast served at the Medicine Hat Lodge from 7AM to 10AM this morning where an estimated 2,500 people attended. There’s also another breakfast coming up on Friday if you missed this one – make sure you get the details in the guide supplied below.

Many people (like myself), wait until the weekend to enjoy all the festivals. This year it will be running until the 25th (Saturday). There’s plenty to do including rides, shopping, sightseeing, and don’t forget to spend a couple dollars trying to win overpriced stuffed animals! I’m a sucker for those coin pushing games, I probably spent like 25 dollars last year on them. How could I forget about the food? With a concession and/or food and drink place every couple steps you are sure to get your “eat” on. Some of my favourites include the real lemon aid stand with a side of Elephant Ears! Mmmm…

Already concluded in this years festivities was the Stampede Queen Contest, won this year by Candice Wutch followed up by Stacey Kading (crowned princess), and Cymara Shock. The event was on Saturday, July 18th and you can check out the Medicine Hat News video on the event here. Another one already finished is the annual Visual Arts Show which I sadly didn’t enter this year due to time. Dusty didn’t enter this year either; however, she won 1st place last year. I’ll post the results of that event here when I find them out. Most of the works should still be up though for viewing in the Cypress Centre – don’t quote me on that though.

There’s really too many events and things going on to talk about here though. If you want anymore information, please be sure to check out the official website, or grab yourself a PDF copy of the Stampede Event Guide 2009. Careful with the PDF. There’s some huge complex artwork included in it that brought my computer to a slowed halt. *Update* Alternatively, you may view Medicine Hat Media’s compressed computer-safe version here.

Official Medicine Hat Stampede & Exhibition Website (brace yourself for loud Country music)

Stampede starts on full stomach – Medicine Hat News by Alex McCuaig



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