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Shop the Hat Logo

In the efforts to keep consumer’s shopping locally, TriCube Media has launched a new service today entitled “Shop the Hat”. Shop the Hat is a premier business directory website that focuses on local shopping and retail. It features a surprising amount of other information as well including an event list and calendar, contests, an article section and printable coupons (for some businesses). The best free services on site include ability for user-uploaded events, user-submitted articles and the Shop the Hat twitter account which features a feed of all the local deals and commerce going on around the city.

As most of you know, I currently work at TriCube Media, so I posted this at the risk of sounding bias. You should also know, I’m not going to post anything on the site under my name unless I endorse it on a personal level – which is the case for Shop the Hat. I’m all about local websites providing a good service for business owners and shoppers alike. We will be adding more and more over the upcoming months including more events, more articles, more businesses, adding more pictures and more information about those businesses. I think it will be an constantly evolving project.

The site is actually a re-make of an older TriCube Media website entitled “MH Gift Guide” which did some of the same things; however, it became apparent we needed a more targeted and community-driven version of it, a lot like the rebuild of the Medicine Hat Menus from its previous version.

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