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Featured Business of the Week is an initiative created by a partnership between the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce, TriCube Media, and Medicine Hat News. It’s a look into showcasing and featuring great local businesses around town. Included in their package is the opportunity to record a short video/commercial which are subsequently posted to a multitude of places, including YouTube. They are currently featuring their 11th business with no signs of stopping. I think it’s a pretty neat project and cool concept locally for all those involved.

I have seen these videos popping up in quite a few places (mostly in social networking), and most recently, a full site has launched dedicated to featuring the videos and information:


It seems like a lot of what I have been doing is finding weird, local-related videos. This one is from Richard, an inspiring local rap artist (but not really). It’s an awkward rap video dedicated to the 85th birthday of Richard’s grandmother that was uploaded to YouTube. Hopefully, this was a joke and a funny video to show his grandmother. If this was serious, yikes… It kind of reminds me of a mash-up of these videos: “Who Needs a Video?” which is not a joke, and then this, guy, Jon Lajoie, who is a comedy-rap-artist-person-guy (which, again, hopefully was the inspiration for this video).


Vaughn, greetings,

Although the video is quite old, Robert Shapiro, Mystic/Shaman, seems to be believe Mother Earth has invoked an energy (coming from the center of her being, no less) in to Medicine Hat and the surrounding area, which will last around 20-25 years. So what do you say, have you felt a little more energized since 2009? Did you start feeling a little “special”? Robert believes you are special! Also, he says you don’t need coffee anymore, so throw that out!

Good life.

Residents can now follow the City of Medicine Hat on YouTube to learn more about City projects and services.

To visit the City’s YouTube channel go to A link to the City’s channel can also be found on the City of Medicine Hat website at

“Websites like YouTube are a great way for the City to keep citizens and visitors informed about topics ranging from innovative projects to new programs or even existing services,” says Colleen Brown, Corporate Communications Manager. “We encourage residents to follow the City not only on YouTube, but also on our other social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date on all areas of interest.”

The newest video on the YouTube channel focuses on the City’s response to the recent winter weather.

If you have never checked out CHAT TV’s YouTube channel, you may want to now.

They’ve just recently put up an Archive Playlist and are entertaining requests from people that want to see specific stories put up. Whether it was an old civic election, or the Tigers winning WHL championship, or one of the downtown fires.

Here’s one of the old stories that is on there now. I miss the Waterslides.

Brooks has it’s own TV station now. Well… sort of.

Darin Crapo, an IT specialist in Brooks, has taken a video making hobby to a higher level. He created a series of tourism videos for the county of Newell. Working in this genre and doing these projects has brought him in contact with a number of aspiring videographers in his hometown.

Darin decided he would create a forum for himself and other video makers, where they could showcase Brooks, as well as Southern Alberta. It’s called 4U2CTV and is quickly becoming Brooks TV.

Since YouTube is the video God of the Internet, and Vaughn and I are no exception in having accounts to upload videos, I set out to find some prime Medicine Hat YouTube accounts, so here they are:

MHCVideo is my user account I made to upload not only my own videos, but videos from the Video I and II class I was in during college, so there are also a few student videos to view.

Drathy is Vaughn’s user account (one of his internet pseudonyms), mostly used to upload his own videos done in college, as well as gaming videos that synergize with one of his websites, The Gamer’s Journal

Bent Radio is the user account for someone that was in First Year when we were in Third Year. His name is Matt and that is about all I know regarding him. He has a funny video though that we saw at the Video Show in December-ish.

The Newsom Brothers generally do short 10-45 second videos regarding a lot of questionable stuff. Pretty funny if you are not grossed out easily.

And some others:

Medicine Hat College Campus
Medicine Hat Blog
Medicine Hat News
Tiger’s Hockey
Kim Johnston
Chat TV

Some featured videos after the jump:

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Not that it is really Medicine Hat-based, but the other day, on November 22, 2008, YouTube broadcast it’s first and hopefully annual event called YouTube Live. Although, in a way, since it is on the Internet, it is like it is actually in Medicine Hat, if not everywhere at once.

YouTube Live was broadcast live from San Fransisco and featured about three and a half hours of live show coverage as well as backstage cameras and audience cameras. The event was highly geared towards Internet phenomena from all around the world who had “made it big” using YouTube’s services. People and acts from all over joined in San Fransisco to participate. The most amazing part to me was the fact that I knew about probably 80% of the acts and people and who they were and what they did to gain fame, and to see them all come together was wonderful.

The acts included performances by Joe Satriani with FunTwo, Mythbusters, Fred, Katy Perry, Chad Vader, The Spinto Band, and much more.

Check for more information and videos of the show.

And of course, check for a bunch of videos that students in Visual Communications at the Medicine Hat College have created.



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