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Saw the Sign

I’ve been itching to get into this place ever since I saw the signage a week ago. Friday, July 15th was the day I kept hearing they would be opened so I’ve been counting down the days.

Twitter seemed to be the best place for me to find information about this coming restaurant. Local tweets got me a sneak peak of the menu and pointed me towards their website. Both the pictures and prices looked great which added to my already mounting excitement. I’ve been looking forward to a good sushi place in the Hat and this new business held a lot of potential.
Sushi for Lunch!

Well today is the 15th and I’m going for lunch! I had invited a couple people and talked with a few others, even mentioned the possibility of twitter users meeting (#tweepsandgeeks for the initiated), but all my options for company went south. No worries, I’m a big boy so I went alone.

Arrived at the restaurant at noon, was seated and had my first order taken right away. Ten minutes later I had a plate with some nice looking California Rolls and BBQ Eel Rolls.

Wait! Where was my Halibut, Salmon and Snapper Sushi? Apparently it was coming. I took my time, enjoyed the two rolls and was working on the last two pieces when the server returned to ask me if I wanted anything else. I reminded him that I had some coming, which he remembered and said that I would receive it very soon. A few minutes later he returned looking apologetic and informed me that the sushi counter had lost the second half of my order. I reiterated my order and added a spicy tuna and spicy salmon roll to the list. My server promised it all very soon and went to deliver my order to the counter. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

We have some guest posts this time around for our best restaurant picks of 2010. Did it really take us this long to post it? I was originally going to write about how the Medicine Hat College cafeteria has the best wraps I have ever had, but the cafeteria is not really a restaurant, so I omitted my pick this year and let the others share their insights.

Favourite Restaurant of 2010

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Local Public Eatery

by @DustyMelling

With locations in Vancouver and Edmonton I’m not sure how local they are, but they definitely use the local theme to their advantage with references such as “City Hall: The hardest working person? The window cleaner.” The waitresses have been very enthusiastic, and the atmosphere is dim yet sparkling. They also feature the chefs up front by the doors, the menus are on a folded map of downtown, and the place is all around well designed, even the table tops are neat.

“It’s common food done uncommonly well”, as said on the website and I must say – I do agree. Being vegetarian can be tricky eating out, and the menu is somewhat limited, but this is where the best veggie burger in the world* is made, FRESH every time, with tons of DELICIOUS toppings, on a poppy seed bun. The normal fries are cut in shoestring-style similar to McDonalds and served in a bucket (that’s right – a bucket), and the yam fries are sweet and subtly amazing. The guacamole is brought to the table and you can decide how much of what you want in it and they mash it right there just to show HOW DARN FRESH it is, this and the queso cheese dip in Duo of Dips are both terrific.

There’s really too much about it simply tell, I highly recommend going yourself for a unique and tasty experience. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

In the past week I have been to Original Joe’s twice. Each time was with a different group of people, but even if it was not, the food and service is so good that it would warrant going twice in a week anyway.

A couple months ago, Original Joe’s moved into the building where the East Side Mario’s restaurant had previously been. Since then it has been completely revamped. The walls have been torn down and everything is now wide open. Seating is comfortable and the lighting is dim, creating a more comfortable and personal atmosphere. The service is probably the best I have ever had in town, and the food is wonderful. It looks although Original Joe’s will prosper far better than East Side Mario’s did.

Each time I have been there, the servers were coming by regularly to see how things were and check up on drink levels. A couple times they even brought drink refills to our party before they were completely empty, which showed good attentiveness to their customers.

The food each time has been fantastic, and the best thing is you get 2 sides with most of the meal choices without having to pay extra (in comparison to other restaurants that only offer 1). Even while dining there during an Olympic hockey game that Canada was playing in, the food was prepared and served quicker than I thought it would have been.

When you are finished your meal, instead of lining up at the cash register to pay for your food, the server will bring a debit machine to your table. This allows your server to see you through your entire dining experience instead of leaving you to lining up and waiting for someone else to proceed with the meal payment.

The only possible quarrel I have is that since everything is entirely wide open, it can be very loud, especially if it is hockey night or a band is playing. Another downside is that you must be 18 years or older to enter, so minors unfortunately cannot experience the awesome food.

Original Joe’s definitely gets two thumbs up.

It’s almost that time again, when we do a big post about the best restaurants of the given year. Last year’s article was posted by myself without any input from the community, so this year will be a little different, considering we actually have a community now. What I want is for people to comment about their favourite restaurants for 2009 and don’t skip on the details! In a couple weeks or so we will be writing a new article with everybody’s input and will also have a poll for users to vote. Last year’s winner of the poll was Dublin’s Pub as you can see by the poll:

Best Medicine Hat Restaurant of 2008

  • Dublin's Pub (29%, 22 Votes)
  • Other (23%, 17 Votes)
  • Thai Orchid Room (20%, 15 Votes)
  • Pho Dao (16%, 12 Votes)
  • Samir's Donair (11%, 8 Votes)
  • Jungle Cafe (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 69

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My wife and I went to Asia Garden for the first time this afternoon and were not disappointed. The combination of quality of food plus the friendliness and the price has made Asia Garden our favourite restaurant.

Asia Garden, primarily termed as a buffet, includes a “Mongolian Grill”, a lot like Menggu Grill previously. I asked our friendly server Vivian to assist me with the grill as this was our first visit to their establishment. She took a stainless steel bowl and added fresh, cooled, uncooked ingredients to my specifications. The ingredients ranged from rice noodles, peanuts, shrimp, bok choy, squid, pork, THEN with a warning, very sparingly, Mongolian hot sauce mixed with oyster sauce and lastly, a curry sauce to top it off. Vivian then took the heaping bowl to the chef who grilled the mixture and in no time she returned to our table with the steaming hot food.

The Mongolian hot sauce is hot! I am accustomed to warnings of hot sauce turning out to be mild for my taste – not in this case! The dish was excellent with every ingredient having a distinct flavour and yet the combination of sauces lingering in the background.

The price includes the usual Chinese buffet but after my Mongolian dish I was quite satisfied. My wife ate from the buffet and said everything was very fresh and good also.

For the two of us, including a $3 tip, the bill was under $20.

Asia Garden, next to Visions
2 – 3363 Dunmore Road SE

Earl’s is a fine dining restaurant located along Dunmore Road in Medicine Hat. It is much like other casual dining restaurants in terms of food and price, but Earl’s has a more classy air with the decor and furniture.

The atmosphere overall was pleasant, despite a few loud people around us, and the food was good. As per usual, I ordered a steak sandwich (something I get at least once from every restaurant I go to) and it was prepared well, and something I would definitely order again if I go back. The restaurant was semi-cool in temperature, though it was very hot out, so they probably had the air conditioning raised a fair amount, but was more comfortable than not.

The restaurant features the “Phoenix Lounge”, which is a classier area of the establishment, as opposed to the restaurant side, where families would go.

My only quarrel with the dining experience was the attire of the female staff. Most, if not all places, have a dress code, and while Earl’s seems classier, it almost seems like the majority of the female staff dressed in short or tight dresses that had flashy sequins on them or tears in the fabric to expose more skin. I am not speaking for all guys in town, just that to me, it is not appealing or classy.

My imagination conjures up the thought of a married couple dining there with the husband looking attentively at the waitress and the wife being apathetic over it, or the exposing of skin to increase tip amounts. Personally, nice friendly staff who check up on their guests and refill drinks when needed are what makes me leave good tips.

I have never been to an Earl’s besides the one in Medicine Hat, so maybe other ones are different. Either way, the steak sandwich is my food choice if I find myself back there.

Earl’s is located at 3215 Dunmore Road SE.

Dunmore Road is the main strip of Medicine Hat. It is the first turn into the city when traveling west and connects with the opposite end of the city, with many strip malls, restaurants and stores along the way.

Restaurants include:

  • Moxies
  • Montanas
  • Boston Pizza
  • Earls
  • Sushi Miso
  • Bee Natural
  • Pho Dao
  • Roscos

Fast Food restaurants include:

  • Taco Time
  • Dairy Queen
  • McDonalds
  • Mary Browns
  • A&W
  • Burger King
  • KFC
  • Booster Juice
  • Subway

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