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Beautifully Retro Guinness Poster/Ad Design

Beautifully Retro Guinness Poster/Ad Design

*Update: Added the Ottoman Lounge and The Garage*

I have wanted do this post for quite a while now but I didn’t have enough research, so I decided this might be as good as time as ever, seeing as it is St. Patrick’s Day and all. The post name is self-explanatory. Where in the city can you grab a delicious pint of Guinness? Well, as it turns out, only two places to my knowledge. Now, what I mean when I say “pint of Guinness”, I ain’t talking about from a can or something, I’m talking about on tap! This is also what I meant by research, I have only found it at two pubs/bars, but with that being said, it’s probably at some others. So if there is any other places that you guys/gals know, please comment so I can add them!

Original Joe’s

Not only does Original Joe’s have Guinness on tap, they also have a huge selection of other beers, house beers, and hybrid beers. View our review on Original Joe’s by Sean.

The Silver Buckle

This is one of my favourite pubs in the city. The laid back atmosphere, Dale’s Pizza attached to it, and Guinness – Combine those three things and you will have a full belly and a good night.
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In the past week I have been to Original Joe’s twice. Each time was with a different group of people, but even if it was not, the food and service is so good that it would warrant going twice in a week anyway.

A couple months ago, Original Joe’s moved into the building where the East Side Mario’s restaurant had previously been. Since then it has been completely revamped. The walls have been torn down and everything is now wide open. Seating is comfortable and the lighting is dim, creating a more comfortable and personal atmosphere. The service is probably the best I have ever had in town, and the food is wonderful. It looks although Original Joe’s will prosper far better than East Side Mario’s did.

Each time I have been there, the servers were coming by regularly to see how things were and check up on drink levels. A couple times they even brought drink refills to our party before they were completely empty, which showed good attentiveness to their customers.

The food each time has been fantastic, and the best thing is you get 2 sides with most of the meal choices without having to pay extra (in comparison to other restaurants that only offer 1). Even while dining there during an Olympic hockey game that Canada was playing in, the food was prepared and served quicker than I thought it would have been.

When you are finished your meal, instead of lining up at the cash register to pay for your food, the server will bring a debit machine to your table. This allows your server to see you through your entire dining experience instead of leaving you to lining up and waiting for someone else to proceed with the meal payment.

The only possible quarrel I have is that since everything is entirely wide open, it can be very loud, especially if it is hockey night or a band is playing. Another downside is that you must be 18 years or older to enter, so minors unfortunately cannot experience the awesome food.

Original Joe’s definitely gets two thumbs up.



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