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The interior and exterior facelift for the Dunmore Road Moxie’s has been completed, prompting Taylor and I to give the trendy looking restaurant a try.

While looking at the exterior to Moxie’s it is visible that they have had a large expansion and upon entering the front doors, you can immediately see the new elegance the restaurant has to offer. New decor and bottles of wine behind glass paned cupboards add a strong tone of class to the newly decorated building. Much of the furniture is dark with coloured highlights and the lighting is low with simulated fireplaces, almost creating a romantic atmosphere.

The lounge has been revamped and incorporates what looks like a much larger bar. The tables look comfortable and the chairs, as usual in lounges, are quite high.

The seating in the restaurant side of Moxie’s, as usual to contrast a lounge, is much lower. Unfortunately the aforementioned romantic atmosphere is somewhat impaired by the close proximity of the tables and the noise levels which can become quite roaring.

The food quality was good despite the menu seeming rather small and limited. The lunch menu; however, adds about 10 or 12 more choices. Unfortunately the prices seemed to be raised a little more from before, so a meal costs around $16 on average. Combined with drinks, a meal for 2 will in most cases come out to over $40.

An additional downside is that there is not much seating available if you are waiting for a table on a busy night. Fortunately, servers come through periodically to serve wine to people waiting for a table.

Almost a year ago to the day we had posted on Little Caesars opening up in Crescent Heights. I heard many people complain about this because Crescent Heights is so far away from everything despite it takes around 15 minutes maximum to drive across town. So, much to everyones delight, Little Caesars now has a location on Dunmore Road.

The new Little Caesars is located at 3074 Dumore Road, in the same parking lot as The Scoreboard and the old Mary Brown’s. I wonder if there will be some Dunmore Little Caesars/Pizza 73 wars to come soon.

Check it out for affordable and good Pizza!

Our post on Little Caesars in Crescent Heights

The Esplanade Art Gallery is pleased to announce the installation of an unprecedented billboard art project in Medicine Hat, which will remain on display until the week of Apr. 5, 2010.

This innovative artist billboard project, entitled Flight, by Medicine Hat artist Dana Shukster, is located at Dunmore Road, south of 22 Street SE.  It is presented in conjunction with her current exhibition at the Esplanade Art Gallery, Pre-Flight –Trace.

“To our knowledge, this is the first time an artist has ventured out to install a ‘satellite’ exhibition on an outdoor billboard in Medicine Hat,” says Joanne Marion, curator of art at the Esplanade. “It is unique in that there is no message, no call to action – just simply artwork for the public to enjoy.”

Dana Shukster’s recent explorations of the fleeting aspects of light have led to the creation of a series of large scale, sepia-toned inkjet prints on paper. These mysterious images are derived from projected shadows of magpies in flight, and are the basis for Shukster’s billboard project as well as her Esplanade Art Gallery exhibition. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

This morning when I left the house to drive to work, I noticed a Peace Officer SUV stopped in the middle of the street. As I walked to my car that was parked along the island of the cul-de-sac, they backed up about 3 houses worth then took off. This in itself did not seem overly weird to me, so I continued on to work.

Immediately when I pulled onto Southview Drive from the street I live off of, near the Southview Community School, I saw a police car driving down the street, and further down Southview towards Dunmore Road, I saw another police SUV (not the same Peace Officer) going alleyways. As I came to the Southview/Dunmore intersection, I saw one more police car waiting for the lights to continue on and join the fray.

Four police officers on their own might seem coincidental, but when they are driving up and down alleys in a seemingly coordinated manner, it seems like there must have been something going on.

I am sure many people in Medicine Hat have witnessed the large amount of Rabbit-with-moustache graffiti that has sprung up over the last half a year or so around town.

The graffiti can be seen in a number of places, including:

  • Under the Trans Canada bridge on 13th Ave
  • Mary Browns
  • Stop sign by Superstore
  • Building facades along Kingsway
  • Concrete barriers and power boxes on Dunmore road (some have been removed)

My original suspicion was that the rabbit-with-moustache stencil was made by someone in the Visual Communications program at the Medicine Hat College. I was later told by a friend of Medicine Hat Media’s that there was also a spraypainting of the stencil in one of the bathrooms at the College, which justifies my suspicion.

Unfortunately I do not have an image of the rabbit-with-moustache because I do not have a camera, but if you see it, you will immediately recognize it. Somebody send in some pictures!

Taylor and I have been to Argo’s a couple times this summer for breakfast, and in one word, it is fantastic. The staff at the restaurant, whether seating or serving, are always fast and friendly.

Both times that Taylor and I have been there over the course of the summer, we have ordered the same meal (we are boring), which is the Argo’s Breakfast Special (or something like that), which is a little bit of everything: Eggs, Hashbrowns, Toast or Pancakes and Bacon or Sausage. Both times, as well, we have had the fortune of having the same server, who is a very upbeat person and always wears a sincere smile and is very attentive on checking up on how the food is and drink levels. Her friendliness even extended to asking Taylor about where she got her shirt from, kind of creating a more friendly connection between establishment and patron.

The best thing about Argos is that I do not feel lethargic after eating the food, like I do with breakfast from most places, since my stomach does not really like breakfast foods.

As far as breakfast locations go, I would highly recommend Argos. I am sure their lunches and dinners are great as well, though I have not been there during those times to see for myself.

Argos is located at 3065 Dunmore Road Southeast.

Earl’s is a fine dining restaurant located along Dunmore Road in Medicine Hat. It is much like other casual dining restaurants in terms of food and price, but Earl’s has a more classy air with the decor and furniture.

The atmosphere overall was pleasant, despite a few loud people around us, and the food was good. As per usual, I ordered a steak sandwich (something I get at least once from every restaurant I go to) and it was prepared well, and something I would definitely order again if I go back. The restaurant was semi-cool in temperature, though it was very hot out, so they probably had the air conditioning raised a fair amount, but was more comfortable than not.

The restaurant features the “Phoenix Lounge”, which is a classier area of the establishment, as opposed to the restaurant side, where families would go.

My only quarrel with the dining experience was the attire of the female staff. Most, if not all places, have a dress code, and while Earl’s seems classier, it almost seems like the majority of the female staff dressed in short or tight dresses that had flashy sequins on them or tears in the fabric to expose more skin. I am not speaking for all guys in town, just that to me, it is not appealing or classy.

My imagination conjures up the thought of a married couple dining there with the husband looking attentively at the waitress and the wife being apathetic over it, or the exposing of skin to increase tip amounts. Personally, nice friendly staff who check up on their guests and refill drinks when needed are what makes me leave good tips.

I have never been to an Earl’s besides the one in Medicine Hat, so maybe other ones are different. Either way, the steak sandwich is my food choice if I find myself back there.

Earl’s is located at 3215 Dunmore Road SE.

Engaging Minds Storefront

Engaging Minds Storefront

Engaging Minds for Learning, which is Medicine Hat’s newest and greatest retail supplier of toys, games, puzzles and teaching supplies is having their huge Grand Opening this Thursday, Friday and Saturday (August 20th, 21st and 22nd). Be sure to check it out as they have marked down everything in stock by 20%, and have free giveaways for teachers and kids. If that wasn’t enough, if you make a purchase during the three day sale you are automatically entered into a draw for some fantastic prizes.

Engaging Minds for Learning is Southern Alberta’s premier educational resource store and a welcomed addition to the community. They are located in the Ross Glen Business Park, (near Petland) at #10-3307 Dunmore Road SE. Be sure to visit their website to get all the details about the fantastic Grand Opening.

Telephone: 403-488-9070

Kingsway Avenue and South Railway Street are two of the key streets in Medicine Hat, the former of which connects Dunmore Road to the latter, and leads to Downtown Medicine Hat. Many businesses of all types can be located along the way, many of which are staples in not only the Medicine Hat community, but Alberta as a whole.

While traveling down Kingsway Ave, some businesses that can be found are:

The Intersection after Pizza 73 marks the end of Kingsway Ave, and begins South Railway Street. Some businesses that can be found are:

Dunmore Road is the main strip of Medicine Hat. It is the first turn into the city when traveling west and connects with the opposite end of the city, with many strip malls, restaurants and stores along the way.

Restaurants include:

  • Moxies
  • Montanas
  • Boston Pizza
  • Earls
  • Sushi Miso
  • Bee Natural
  • Pho Dao
  • Roscos

Fast Food restaurants include:

  • Taco Time
  • Dairy Queen
  • McDonalds
  • Mary Browns
  • A&W
  • Burger King
  • KFC
  • Booster Juice
  • Subway

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