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Friday’s Image Website

Friday's Image Website Montage

Friday's Image Website Montage

Coming out of TriCube Media, is the Friday’s Image website. A local, visually artistic site, for the popular downtown lingerie and cosmetics store. Recently added to the site was the ability to purchase cosmetics online, truly making it an e-commerce website. Owner, Diane Ziegenhagel states that she still wants women to come into the store for lingerie purchases to receive their premium fitting services as detailed in the “Fitting” article – but the website still allows women (and I guess, Men buying for women?) to browse through most of their inventory.

Each section of products features a custom digital illustration to match the product, done by local artist (and sometimes Medicine Hat Media poster), Dusty Melling.  All of the cosmetics imagery has also been digital drawn and vectored to match the overall aesthetics of the site. The color palette is vibrant and fun – suiting the personality of Dianne and the branding of the store.

This post for me kind of goes outside of my knowledge in terms of the content on the website (you know, being a guy and all), but being a part of the actual website development granted me an opportunity to get to know Dianne and her store, I thought it would be nice to shed some light on this beautiful local website, not matter how bias I may seem.

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