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Through the month of July, nine artists from Canada and the United States are visiting Medicine Hat and working in Medalta’s contemporary ceramics studios.

On July 28 (7:00pm), Medalta’s open house and art reception are taking place, providing an opportunity to meet these artists who have spent the month in our community.

As members of Medicine Hat’s cultural community, you’re encouraged to attend and show these visiting artists how much we appreciate the Arts in Medicine Hat.

Marc Leuthold is one of the artists brought to Medicine Hat by Medalta. Marc’s large sculptures have entered the collections of the Metropolitan and Brooklyn Museums and the Museum of Art and Design. Critic John Perreault has remarked: “One looks and looks for artists who break up history, who bend the descent, who force one to connect the dots in new ways, even turn away from some. Leuthold is one of these.”

Sukjin Choi, who is leading this month’s residency at Medalta, is a Korean artist, educator and writer currently working in Virginia. Her practice ranges from the seemingly effortless production of traditional Onggi jars, to the large scale multimedia installation art.

This is a no-charge, informal event. Complementary food and drinks will be served. For more information, check out our newly-designed website.

Today a whole new group of artists have arrived in Medicine Hat and will be spending a month in Medalta’s studios.

For the next two weeks, we are hosting artists’ talks so you get a chance to meet the group and learn where their inspiration comes from. They’re always fantastic events and after that talks, everyone gets a chance to have a drinkĀ  & something to eat while speaking with the artists.

We hope to be able to show these visiting artists how much Medicine Hat appreciates the Arts.

For more information on the artists, visit the MIAIR website.
If you aren’t sure where we are (or exactly how to dodge all the construction), check this handy map from the Esplanade to Medalta.


Medicine Hat CubsThe Medicine Hat Cubs (1-0) host the Red Deer Vipers (1-0) in their home opener today at the Kinplex at 2:30pm. Admission is $5 for adults and $3 for students. The game day sponsor is Panago Pizza. They are having a tail gate party starting at 1:30pm. Each fan will receive a FREE slice of pizza when they come to the game. This will take place in the parking lot. Purchase a program for $2 and get a chance to shoot for $36,000 dollars. The shootout is sponsored by Dayzoff Pub and The Liquor Box. Don’t miss it. See you at the game.

On Sunday, September 20th at 1:45pm inside the Kinplex you can hit the ice with players from the 2009-2010 edition of the Medicine Hat Junior B Cubs and members of the Medicine Hat media which include 94.5 CHAT FM, MY 96, Rock 105.3, The Lounge 102.1 and Medicine Hat News.

The Cubs look forward to seeing you out at this FREE skate which runs until 4pm. This is one of many new promotional events being put on by the Cubs this season thanks to all the hard work from the executive and especially Cubs GM Bill Berard. Please make note of the home opener which is slated for Sunday, October 4th at 2:30pm when the Cubs host the Red Deer Vipers. It is free pizza day, fans are welcome to join the Cubs and their game day sponsor Panago Pizza for a FREE slice of pizza during the tail gate party which begins at 1pm in the parking lot. If that doesn’t turn you on, how does a chance at winning $36,000 sound? Purchase a program for $2 and if your number is called in the 2nd period you will get the oppourtunity to shoot from the far blue line for the Grand Prize in the 2nd Intermission.

Come out and be a part of this rich tradition, Medicine Hat Cubs Junior B Hockey! 36 Years and counting!

Medicine Hat CubsOpening night will be a very special night for the Medicine Hat Cubs and their fans. To kick off the night, Panago Pizza, the game day sponsor will kick it off with a tail gate party starting at 1:30pm. Each fan who comes to the game will receive a FREE slice of pizza. Grab yourself a program for $2 and if your number gets called you get a chance to shoot for cash from the far blue line in the 2nd intermission for a grand total of $36,000. This amount is for opening night only! For the rest of the season the shootout amount will be $10,000.

The shootout will be sponsored by Dayz Off Pub and Liquor Box. Thanks to these two fine sponsors. Come and be a part of it, October 4, 2009 at 2:30pm inside the Kinplex versus the Red Deer Vipers. Let’s Pack the Plex!

Tomorrow (Saturday, March 7th, 2009) at 8PM there will be a Visual Communications show at the Medalta Squared Gallery. The exhibition will feature best work from the first years in the Medicine Hat College’s Visual Communication program. There will be plenty of art and plenty of snacks.

Best of First Year Show 2009 - Photograph via

Best of First Year Show 2009 - Photograph via

Medalta Historic Clay District, 713 Medalta Ave. SE

Official Post @

Blue Cat Eight cordially invites you to their painting show at the Medicine Hat Cultural Center on the evening of December 3rd, 2008. The show starts at about 8:00PM. As always, free wine and perhaps beer will be available, and even perhaps delicious fruits, vegetables, crackers and maybe meats will be up for grabs by the attendees. If you are in College, it is a good way to socialize or get lots of vegetables and fruits to fight scurvy, whichever you prefer the most. Blue Cat Eight features student’s work from the Painting I class in the Visual Communications program at the Medicine Hat College.

The event will show the artwork of the following artists:

Emily Borody, Chelsey Buchinski, April Dammann, Lacey Fehr, Jessica Hayward, Jane Jacoby, Carol Jordan, Kristian Jungk, Safira Lachapelle, Amanda Lowey, Allison Martin, Vincent Matt, Kaitlyn Mckinley, Jonathan Moscoso, Meredith Penner, Matthew Shorten, Charis Slusar, Laura Sou, Erin Stankewich, Kathlene Steel, Ashley Steier, Matthew Valgardson.

Apologies if I got anyones name wrong, I got the list of names from the invitation.

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