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Over the last few days a website called What’s Up in the Hat? has debuted using the Ning social networking service. I will be runningĀ  and managing the website and social media presence. We have also debuted our Facebook & Twitter pages this morning.

We will be providing updates for events happening in the Medicine Hat area stretching all the way into Southwestern Saskatchewan. Our duty is to be committed to you! If you have anything you want to post on the website feel free to do so and if you can’t drop me a line at Facebook or Twitter and I am sure you can contact me somehow through our main website.

We are providing local events, possibly local news coming soon, a blog, a chat to speak with other members who are online, groups for different communities/regions and more!

Please check us out at our main website, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace

Ben Disaster, an Edmonton-based acoustic-punk artist is currently seeking a gig in the Medicine Hat area from the 19th to the 20th. Ben’s music can be described as what punk music would sound like with no other instruments besides a good ol’ acoustic guitar; that, and slower melodies. His music reminds me much of Justin Sane’s (of Anti-Flag) solo work. Ben’s message to us on MySpace as follows:

Hi guys and Girls, My name is Ben I am a folk singer from Edmonton. I have been booking a tour through out western Canada will be leaving in less then a week. I had some problems with some pending shows and now i have a few days open. I am touring with my friend Dylan Thomas from Vancouver.

We are touring together and playing separate set and also combining sets. We are both pretty mellow guys and keep a positive atmosphere.

We will be in the Area of Medicine from the 19th to the 20th. I am wondering if you might know of any places that would book us last minute or if there are any open mikes that we could check out. at this point we are just looking for something to do even if it’s playing a back yard BBQ. If you could get back to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Dylan’s stuff is a little bit more indie-rock-ish with a folk twist but they suit each other quite nicely. Please contact Ben via his MySpace.

Ben Disaster @ MySpace
Dylan Thomas @ MySpace



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