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As you undoubtedly already know, there’s a rat problem in Medicine Hat. There’s also missing people problems, an event centre problem, multiple road (and bridge) problems, a gas price problem, but who cares about that stuff. RATS!

They clearly didn’t listen to the “No Rats Allowed” sign when crossing the border. What gives? WE GOTTA KILL THEM ALL!

Just when you thought we got everything under control, rats are now even popping up on Twitter!

This has to stop!

Over the last few days a website called What’s Up in the Hat? has debuted using the Ning social networking service. I will be running  and managing the website and social media presence. We have also debuted our Facebook & Twitter pages this morning.

We will be providing updates for events happening in the Medicine Hat area stretching all the way into Southwestern Saskatchewan. Our duty is to be committed to you! If you have anything you want to post on the website feel free to do so and if you can’t drop me a line at Facebook or Twitter and I am sure you can contact me somehow through our main website.

We are providing local events, possibly local news coming soon, a blog, a chat to speak with other members who are online, groups for different communities/regions and more!

Please check us out at our main website, Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace

Tweeps is the word used to describe Twitter users and even though it sounds silly and a bit pretentious, it’s far better than saying “twitterers”. Either way, Twitter has become a truly invaluable tool in terms of media and social communication. Even if it is 75% useless personal comments or spam, that other 25% can inform you in ways other mediums can not (and will not). Based on who you follow, any single or general topic is available for your consumption – you can have this information instantly as the tweeps sends it out. Best of all, you can digest the full content easily because there is a limit of 140 characters, which plays a part in the mobile world, but also forces people to strictly write the most important things.

I previously did a post previously entitled “Medicine Hat Twitte’ers” in hopes to keep an up-to-date place to post Medicine Hat tweeps, but decided it would be too hard to upkeep. It’s far better to just take a gander at who Medicine Hat Media follows to get a complete list of active Medicine Hat tweeps. Hopefully nobody takes this post too seriously, it’s not like I am the Twitter expert or anything. Here is my pick for the best five Tweeps in Medicine Hat based on the below criteria and descriptions: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

The City of Medicine Hat has launched its own Facebook page as part of its efforts to continue to improve communications with the public.

The city’s page includes events, news and other items of interest related to city services. Users of can search for “City of Medicine Hat” to become a fan and join the city’s page or visit this direct link.

“The new Facebook page is part of the city’s plans to make communication with residents, businesses and potential newcomers as meaningful as possible by providing timely information and updates on city news, events, photos and much more,” says Jody Lamb, corporate communications manager. “Social networking sites like Facebook are becoming increasingly important in this day and age when people have more choices than ever to seek news and information.” THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

The now controversial fledgling segment of Friday Failure is now gone and dead.

Originally started as a way to add some localized humour to the site, it has has ruffled a few too many feathers in a negative way for Medicine Hat Media on behalf of myself. While I did receive some nasty emails about it personally, I also got some “laugh-backs” as well, but unfortunately the people that liked the humour aspect will have to look elsewhere, more specifically, just add some locals on Twitter to get your fix. I’m definitely interested in any opinions on the matter, especially on the following aspect, please read on: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

You’ve heard right, Medicine Hat Media now officially has a twitter account and is going to be updating it as frequent or more frequently than site updates or posts here. I went through the advanced search function on Twitter to try and find everybody from Medicine Hat to follow,  so don’t mind how we follow so many people (I heard it’s a bad thing to do since people think you’re spamming). I promised a couple posts ago that we would stop using 80/90’s cartoons references and obscure internet dialect in these news-less posts, so this is pretty much the end of it then. Here’s our new badge:

Twitter Badge

Also, for no reason at all, there’s an obligatory 80’s cartoon intro after the jump:

THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Medicine Hat Forums (MedHatForums) is a mostly overlooked community based website with tons of information and news run by Travis Owen (aka triv). I also mentioned it previously in my community based website post. Travis posts lots of announcements based on happenings and news in the city, sometimes a lot more than we do. So, overall it becomes a good tool for locals and an alternate resource for news within the city.

Medicine Hat Forums Header

Medicine Hat Forums Header

Travis is also pretty active on Twitter in which he goes by the name of “devrandom” if you want to follow him. On Twitter he posts mainly about happenings in and around his life, which sometimes coincides with his posts on the Medicine Hat Forums. Also, since he is a “techhy” of sorts, lots of his posts are about technical stuff, like operating systems, hardware, video games and the like.

I won’t really comment about the design or layout or anything like that as it seems to be just a template with some modifications to it to suit the function – which I am not saying is a bad thing at all. In fact, that’s how Medicine Hat Media originally started after all. So check it out, register, and join the discussion and community that Medicine Hat Forums has to offer.

Twitter Twittering Tweets. If you don’t already know somehow, Twitter is a social networking and extremely popular micro-blogging service that enables users to post short messages (or tweets) from their phone, computer, their own website and other devices. There is not a lot of people quite a few people and businesses that post regularly on Twitter that are from Medicine Hat. This post is another one of my famous lists, so here it goes:

*Updated July 26th, 2009*

Medicine Hat Public Library
That’s right, the MHPL uses Twitter to post updates and events happening in the Library. It’s nice to see a place you would think would be fairly old-school using this service.

Medicine Hat College
Now, even the Medicine Hat College has begun to tweet! I’m told they will begin to post event info, advisor updates and more.

Medicine Hat News
Medicine Hat News has started posting links to their top and local stories using the “twitterfeed” web application.

TriCube Media
Local web design and development company has just started using Twitter to post and will post a variety of things including finished/portfolio work, cool gadgets, internet happenings, and more.

From Womb to Cradle
The From Womb to Cradle posts about pregnancy, birth, postpartum and parenting information as well as professional events.

Memory Lane Computers
This local computer store and web development company uses Twitter to post about new stock, technology/computer news and other things.

I originally had a very large list here of individuals in Medicine Hat that post on twitter, but it just got to hard to keep up with. So instead, please take a look at who Medicine Hat Media follows (login required). We try to follow everybody from Medicine Hat, unless they have been inactive for months, then we usually un-follow them to keep our list active; however, we do try to keep all the businesses and organizations followed.

Well that concludes it, I hope you found some twitterers that tweet in Medicine Hat to follow or friend! Okay, I’m sick of saying Twitter related words now. One thing I did notice was the mass majority of Twitter users also have their own website, in most cases it is another blog which 99% of the time contains their Twitter feed in it. Comment if I have missed you!

*Thanks to Sarah and Michelle*



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