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Friday, August 3 @ 9 PM (Grab FREE tickets @ Pub) – MAD JAKE’S Pub & Grub 9 – 181 Carry Drive SE, Medicine Hat


Paul Kuster — A First Nations comedic talent with the commitment to take the comedy world by storm. Paul is originally from Saskatchewan and thinks his last name is quite crazy for an Indian. Paul is a FUNNYFEST favourite, Aboriginal Comic; TV ACTOR – “North of 60”; 12 year Global TV Reporter,


Stu Hughes (an over-the-top original)


Come have big belly laughs as 2 FUNNYFEST hilarious stand up comics perform. Plenty of good times and great food and tasty beverages are offered in this casual environment. Rye $3.75 !

Tickets: FREE at Bar ($15 value)


Mad Jake's Pub & Grub

Mad Jake's Pub & Grub

I’m a little bit late on posting this one, but the pub/bar previously known as Stillethos and Tantric recently had a promotional campaign entitled “Name Our Pub” which ran a contest to rename the business under the new management and owners, Ryan & Nola Besplug and Kary & Darcy Oshynko. They are no longer an adult-orientated bar and boast lower drink prices and a new selection of “grub”. Their original promotional site, aptly named, “” now just forwards you over to their new site here. The pub is now named “Mad Jake’s Pub & Grub”, as suggested by Shea Karcha. There was tons of choices as shown in the Facebook group post.

I’m more or less posting this here because it’s a great effort on the new owner’s part to try something like this. Being in the semi-traditional market that Medicine Hat is, this new form of marketing and advertising rarely shows up in this town. Most of the contest, discussion and promotional all happened on Facebook – something else we don’t see a lot of; people in this city embracing new (and free) media to their advantage. I also agree with the change from an adult/lingerie bar to a more neutral, classy place. I never was in Stillethos or Tantric before, but now, I will definitely stop in there in the near future.

Mad Jake’s Pub & Grub Website
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