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West 49 LRN2SK8West 49 LRN2SK8 is a one day educational event providing an introduction to the culture of skateboarding and skateboard instruction to beginner skateboarders, age 5 to 15. Starting this June (2012) and running through to Labour Day The West 49 LRN2SK8 Tour presented by Disney XD will be making 40 stops at West 49 locations across Canada (mall parking lots and nearby community centres). The LRN2SK8 program will provide participants a full West 49 skateboard experience in an enclosed mobile skatepark that includes the Sunny D Street Course featuring Element Drop Spot obstacles.

The Medicine Hat event is taking place on July 26th, 2012 at the Medicine Hat Mall.

Managed by eventSing promotions inc. which has more than a decade experience in packaging and producing national action sports events, this program is designed to help youth develop their confidence and skateboard skills and will provide participants with a legitimate skateboard experience in a supervised and safe area. From prize give-aways, sampling opportunities and a mobile skate park set up with all the equipment necessary to develop an individual’s skateboarding abilities, the LRN2SK8 program will be a great opportunity for kids across Canada to really have a true skateboarding experience with access to course components like rails, ledges, ramps and flat bars. The program will include the following elements: mock-classroom lessons where trick description and the history of skateboarding will be reviewed, Build-a-Board Workshop learning how to install bearings and apply grip tape and small group lessons aiding in individual progression execution and analysis will be taught with skate-educated seasoned riders providing the lessons.

There are three sessions available: Session 1: 9:30am to 11:00am, Session 2: 12:30pm to 2:00pm and Session 3: 3:00pm to 4:30pm. Waivers must be signed on site by a legal guardian. The classes will end with a graduation ceremony and each skateboarder will receive a certificate for participating and completing the program.

This program is free to kids aged 5 + across Canada and you can register online on the West 49 LRN2SK8 website:

West 49 LRN2SK8

Medicine Hat Registration Link

With “Movember” and the Dusters for Dollars well underway through the month of November, the participants this year have just cleared the $8,000 mark (for both on-line and off-line donations). The participants this year are:

  • Bob Bourke of Re/Max Medalta Real Estate
  • Mike Doll from Chat 94.5 fm
  • John Hamill, City of Medicine Hat Alderman
  • Kim Johnston, My 96 Morning Man
  • Trevor Moore, Magican
  • Inspector Glen Motz of the Medicine Hat Police Service
  • Poncho Parker, Rock 105.3 Morning Man
  • Ian Sharek from Rock 105.3 fm
  • Medicine Hat College Rattlers Men’s Basketball Team
  • Todd Herter of Sihvon Carter Fisher & Berger Barristers & Solictors

Last year’s participants brought in over $12,000 and the target this year is $15,000. The cause for this is of course is in support of the Canadian Cancer Society (although I’m sure most of you know). To end the Dusters for Dollars event this year, on November 27, 2010 a special ceremony will be held at the Medicine Hat Mall at 1:00PM when the participants will officially lose their ‘staches courtesy of Raine from Mall Hair!

To donate or for more information visit:

Awhile ago, I discovered an interesting little service that CDPlus offers in the Medicine Hat Mall. They offer local band CDs in a special section up on the back right wall. I haven’t really seen anything like this before from a retail chain – but it’s very cool. I have since found out, CDPlus offers this for all the cities that they are in. Besides actually going out to the local band shows that happen many times a week here in Medicine Hat, this would be the only source for you to buy some physical copies of the music.

And by physical copies, I mean the CD in your hand. If you are a little bit “newer” school, many local bands have content on their MySpace or Facebook profile in which you can download in .mp3 format, or simply stream from their page, but then again, that’s not buying local music. Rarely you can also sometimes see local-ish (Calgary) bands use a distribution service to sell digital copies such iTunes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Medicine Hat band sell music digitally though.

Envydia Storefront

Envydia Storefront

Recently, two local stores within the Medicine Hat Mall, Multi-Line Jeans & Gotcha Shoes both closed to focus their inventory in a single store and concept, called “Envydia” (envy – dia). The new clothing store offers jeans, shoes, t-shirts, hoodies/jackets, and tons of handbags all in one store.

Some of the clothing brands offered at Envydia include: Buffalo, Guess, Silver Star, and Arson & Orb. For shoes: LaCoste, Osiris, Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, and (lots of) Sketchers. For handbags: Guess, Kathy VanZeeland, Chinese Laundry, and Chocolate. The shop also wants to focus on offering brands that are nowhere else in Medicine Hat in the upcoming months. You can learn and see more on their Shop the Hat profile:

Envydia on Shop the Hat

Midnight Madness is over and done, but get ready to spend some more holiday cash on Moonlight Madness! Moonlight Madness takes place solely at the Medicine Hat Mall from 7:00PM to 11:00PM. It works a little different then the downtown counter-part as well. Instead of set deals and savings at a store, they change every 15 minutes, so you might have to go there at specific times to get the deal you want – kind of a cool concept. Some shops also have all-night deals on top of the 15 minute sales as well (view the bottom of the list to see these).

The Medicine Hat Mall followed suit again this year and decided NOT to place the deal list and times on their own site, instead giving the Medicine Hat News an exclusive, which might be on purpose, but certainly not good for them – why not have it on both? Anyways, this opens up an opportunity for us: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

While in the mall yesterday I noticed that a new restaurant will be joining our food court. But much to my dismay, upon closer investigation I discovered that this new addition will be yet another Tim Hortons. Why does Medicine Hat need another one? Isn’t having one in nearly every corner of the city enough? Will it ever be enough?

I think what bothered me most is as I saw the “coming soon” sign I realized that when the new Tim’s location is finished one can very easily see both the mall location and the Trans Canada Way location across the parking lot at the same time. I almost feel the need to remind everyone that we are not in New York City, this is not a place where Starbucks inhabits every corner of every street. With that being said, I believe this phenomena can be known as an epidemic.

Although I don’t drink coffee, I still enjoy the great value Tim’s has to offer. I will never understand the people waiting in a six car line at 8 in the morning but other than that I think Tim Hortons is great. However, I don’t think Medicine Hat needs one in the mall, or anywhere else. A new restaurant that is legitimately new to the city would be much more welcome in my eyes.

I don’t go to the Medicine Hat Mall very often as I find parking usually congested and walking distances to a selected store more than I am accustomed to, compared to shopping at a power centre where one can park close to a desired store.

Recently I needed some electronic parts that I could obtain only at the Mall and on my journey I discovered the Lids store. Bonus! In addition to baseball-style caps for a myriad of different teams, Lids also embroiders blank caps with logos or words of a person’s choosing.

A section in the store that was more to my interest included a nice black Fedora that followed me home. As the years have passed me by I apparently have misplaced more and more of the hair on my head. In order to avoid going down the path of a bad comb-over, I have gone to a very short haircut and need a hat in the heat and cold.

I recommend the helpful staff at Lids, and don’t forget to check the sale rack. Close to the fountain on the aisle leading to Sears.

Contact Lids at 403-527-0115.

The Medicine Hat Mall is hosting “Rock Your Way Back to School” which is a Guitar Hero tournament for ages 10 to 18. You only have a couple more days to register for the event which ends on August 17th, so make sure you stop by the customer service desk. If you’re interested, you can stop by there when you go to see District 9 that everybody is raving about.

Anyways, there’s only 100 spots available and the tournament will be held on Sunday, August 23rd from 12PM-4PM. The tournament is presented by, you guessed it, EBGames in the mall.

Medicine Hat Mall Website

Karl Wolf - The only picture of him with a shirt on (haha) via MySpace

Karl Wolf - The only picture of him with a shirt on (haha) via MySpace

This Saturday, July 11th, Karl Wolf will be playing at Dublin’s Pub. I know it’s kind of “WTF?”, but I think something fishy is going on here. As well, the guest list includes Kay & AACE, Cash Flo, and Absent Minds. First of all, I thought this is kind of weird considering Dublin’s is fairly small for an act like this, not to mention the posters say “All Ages!”, yet below that it says (with licensed 18+ area) which leads me to believe that the show might be happening in the now empty building inside/beside Dublin’s Pub (in the same building, that used to be a Bingo hall). It would be cool if anybody can confirm this. Karl Wolf’s MySpace lists the event as “Dublin’s Event Room” so I might be right in my speculations.

Anyways, the doors will open at 7PM on Saturday night and advanced tickets are going for $20 a pop available at either Shoe Warehouse (for minors) or Dublin’s Pub, it doesn’t list a door price, but I assume around the $25 mark. Karl Wolf will also be doing a 3PM autograph signing at the Medicine Hat Mall on Saturday. Although I’m not a big fan of the artists playing, I do like Karl Wolf’s cover of Toto’s (think back to the 80’s) “Africa”. All artists playing are Canadian(ish), so that’s a definite plus! Dublin’s Pub is located at 4 Strachan Court SE and you should try some of their food if you have a chance – it’s excellent! Links and videos after the jump… THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Supposedly sales were down everywhere this holiday season; however, I did not see any evidence of this myself in Medicine hat. I made the stupid mistake of going to get a few items from Superstore on the day before Christmas Eve… how stupid of me. There was literally no parking spots, I should of taken that as a warning. You know how you often wonder why there is such large parking lots outside of stores when they are normally only half full at maximum anyways? Apparently they are just for the few days before and after Christmas. I entered the mosh-pit-like environment as soon as I stepped through the doors. This place was packed and the line ups were half way down the aisles themselves. This wasn’t an isolated incident either, supposedly the malls were packed and Walmart… well I won’t even begin to imagine what that place would be like. Supposedly this situation doubled itself on Boxing Day where shoppers were reported to have spent 10 hours waiting overnight in line outside Visions to get a new TV in one case.

Imagery via

Imagery via

I did notice the sales though, Boxing Day is no longer a day, and now not even a week, in some cases in a few weeks or full month of sales. And normally the deals aren’t that great either, but this year 75%-90% off signs were littered everywhere. And these sales even started before Boxing Day, they started weeks before Christmas in some cases. For example, the Medicine Hat Mall had two Moonlight Madness events this year. Obviously this is a marketing tactic to get people to buy at Christmas in the wake of the Canadian recession. I think it probably worked on some level locally in Medicine Hat, but I think overall, we are a little too dramatic about the recession thing in Medicine Hat and other smaller towns. I cant wager a guess at what will happen next year though, depending how much deeper we have dug ourselves. Business’s have been reporting that they did just as well last year in terms sales (on Boxing Day), and maybe even better.

Ken Gousseau, Medicine Hat News Reporter, has reported about this here.



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