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Karl Wolf & Dublin’s Pub

Karl Wolf - The only picture of him with a shirt on (haha) via MySpace

Karl Wolf - The only picture of him with a shirt on (haha) via MySpace

This Saturday, July 11th, Karl Wolf will be playing at Dublin’s Pub. I know it’s kind of “WTF?”, but I think something fishy is going on here. As well, the guest list includes Kay & AACE, Cash Flo, and Absent Minds. First of all, I thought this is kind of weird considering Dublin’s is fairly small for an act like this, not to mention the posters say “All Ages!”, yet below that it says (with licensed 18+ area) which leads me to believe that the show might be happening in the now empty building inside/beside Dublin’s Pub (in the same building, that used to be a Bingo hall). It would be cool if anybody can confirm this. Karl Wolf’s MySpace lists the event as “Dublin’s Event Room” so I might be right in my speculations.

Anyways, the doors will open at 7PM on Saturday night and advanced tickets are going for $20 a pop available at either Shoe Warehouse (for minors) or Dublin’s Pub, it doesn’t list a door price, but I assume around the $25 mark. Karl Wolf will also be doing a 3PM autograph signing at the Medicine Hat Mall on Saturday. Although I’m not a big fan of the artists playing, I do like Karl Wolf’s cover of Toto’s (think back to the 80’s) “Africa”. All artists playing are Canadian(ish), so that’s a definite plus! Dublin’s Pub is located at 4 Strachan Court SE and you should try some of their food if you have a chance – it’s excellent! Links and videos after the jump…

Karl Wolf – “Africa”

Cash Flo @ MySpace
KAY & AACE @ MySpace
Karl Wolf @ MySpace
Absent Minds @ MySpace

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  1. August 27th, 2009 at 6:50 AM

    Daniel Andrews says:

    Dublin’s Pub is a great place. I like it very much I am very sorry for missing Karl Wolf’s show! Hope people managed to enjoy it very much.

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