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Lids Store Review

I don’t go to the Medicine Hat Mall very often as I find parking usually congested and walking distances to a selected store more than I am accustomed to, compared to shopping at a power centre where one can park close to a desired store.

Recently I needed some electronic parts that I could obtain only at the Mall and on my journey I discovered the Lids store. Bonus! In addition to baseball-style caps for a myriad of different teams, Lids also embroiders blank caps with logos or words of a person’s choosing.

A section in the store that was more to my interest included a nice black Fedora that followed me home. As the years have passed me by I apparently have misplaced more and more of the hair on my head. In order to avoid going down the path of a bad comb-over, I have gone to a very short haircut and need a hat in the heat and cold.

I recommend the helpful staff at Lids, and don’t forget to check the sale rack. Close to the fountain on the aisle leading to Sears.

Contact Lids at 403-527-0115.

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