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The Trews in Medicine Hat

The Trew Live Performance - Photo via Flickr

The Trew Live Performance - Photo via Flickr

Even though The Trews were in the Gas City in May of this year they are set to rock the Hat once again on September 19 as part of a free concert for the Medicine Hat College Homecoming. Gates open to the public at 6 but the show doesn’t start until 7. The organizers wish to remind potential concert goers that although there is plenty of space for the show admittance will occur on a first come, first served basis, so get there early!

I had the pleasure of seeing The Trews in concert when they visited as the opening act for Nickelback a few years ago. I hadn’t ever heard of them before going to that concert, and looking back I wish I would have paid more attention, because since then I have become quite a fan of their music. These Canadian rockers sport a sound that is distinct in that they have jazzy feel to a lot of their music, utilizing such instruments as the bagpipes, mandolin, brass, piano and many more.

I personally enjoyed their first album more than their most recent one, however now that I have been given the opportunity to see them I will definitely be making myself a fixture at their show in two weeks. There will be a beer garden on site for those of age to enjoy and limited parking so please try to carpool or use public transit if possible.  Bring a blanket, leave your pet at home, and get ready to enjoy a phenomenal free concert in the south soccer field at the Medicine Hat College Saturday, September 19.

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  1. September 8th, 2009 at 8:47 AM

    Sarah says:

    thanks for the plug! see you next weekend. Cheers, Sarah

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