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Moxie’s Review

The interior and exterior facelift for the Dunmore Road Moxie’s has been completed, prompting Taylor and I to give the trendy looking restaurant a try.

While looking at the exterior to Moxie’s it is visible that they have had a large expansion and upon entering the front doors, you can immediately see the new elegance the restaurant has to offer. New decor and bottles of wine behind glass paned cupboards add a strong tone of class to the newly decorated building. Much of the furniture is dark with coloured highlights and the lighting is low with simulated fireplaces, almost creating a romantic atmosphere.

The lounge has been revamped and incorporates what looks like a much larger bar. The tables look comfortable and the chairs, as usual in lounges, are quite high.

The seating in the restaurant side of Moxie’s, as usual to contrast a lounge, is much lower. Unfortunately the aforementioned romantic atmosphere is somewhat impaired by the close proximity of the tables and the noise levels which can become quite roaring.

The food quality was good despite the menu seeming rather small and limited. The lunch menu; however, adds about 10 or 12 more choices. Unfortunately the prices seemed to be raised a little more from before, so a meal costs around $16 on average. Combined with drinks, a meal for 2 will in most cases come out to over $40.

An additional downside is that there is not much seating available if you are waiting for a table on a busy night. Fortunately, servers come through periodically to serve wine to people waiting for a table.

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2 Responses to “Moxie’s Review”

  1. December 1st, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    David says:

    The food is not worth the price now or before the makeover – imho

  2. December 1st, 2010 at 8:54 AM

    Sean says:

    I would definitely rather go to Original Joes overall where its lower prices, good food, and you get two sides.

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