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Music Exposure 3: Buying Local Music

Awhile ago, I discovered an interesting little service that CDPlus offers in the Medicine Hat Mall. They offer local band CDs in a special section up on the back right wall. I haven’t really seen anything like this before from a retail chain – but it’s very cool. I have since found out, CDPlus offers this for all the cities that they are in. Besides actually going out to the local band shows that happen many times a week here in Medicine Hat, this would be the only source for you to buy some physical copies of the music.

And by physical copies, I mean the CD in your hand. If you are a little bit “newer” school, many local bands have content on their MySpace or Facebook profile in which you can download in .mp3 format, or simply stream from their page, but then again, that’s not buying local music. Rarely you can also sometimes see local-ish (Calgary) bands use a distribution service to sell digital copies such iTunes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Medicine Hat band sell music digitally though.

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