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Midnight Madness is over and done, but get ready to spend some more holiday cash on Moonlight Madness! Moonlight Madness takes place solely at the Medicine Hat Mall from 7:00PM to 11:00PM. It works a little different then the downtown counter-part as well. Instead of set deals and savings at a store, they change every 15 minutes, so you might have to go there at specific times to get the deal you want – kind of a cool concept. Some shops also have all-night deals on top of the 15 minute sales as well (view the bottom of the list to see these).

The Medicine Hat Mall followed suit again this year and decided NOT to place the deal list and times on their own site, instead giving the Medicine Hat News an exclusive, which might be on purpose, but certainly not good for them – why not have it on both? Anyways, this opens up an opportunity for us: THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

The Medicine Hat Mall is having another Moonlight Madness tonight starting at 6:00PM and lasting until 11:00PM. It seems like there is a lot more sales this time, not only that, but also the quality of the sales seem a lot better too… or atleast I think so. Continue reading to see the complete list of savings and deals that will be switching off and on every 15 minutes over the five hour period. There is also some night-wide deals going on as well located at the bottom of the list. The list has been provided by the Medicine Hat Mall insert posted inside today’s edition of the Medicine Hat News.

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*UPDATE* View the 2009 Moonlight Madness article

The sister event of the “Downtown Midnight Madness” is starting tonight at 6PM and lasting until 11PM (moonlight). Basically every 15 minutes a set group of stores will be each having unique deals. There is also a contest to win $250 worth of mall bucks or a $260 Portrait Study from Sears Portrait Studio. You can enter the contest at Customer Service; however, you physically have to be there at 11PM to win the prizes. As well as the 15 minute specials going on there is also a couple stores also doing all-night specials. Continue reading for a complete list of deals.

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