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Multi-Line Jeans & Gotcha Shoes Now “Envydia”

Envydia Storefront

Envydia Storefront

Recently, two local stores within the Medicine Hat Mall, Multi-Line Jeans & Gotcha Shoes both closed to focus their inventory in a single store and concept, called “Envydia” (envy – dia). The new clothing store offers jeans, shoes, t-shirts, hoodies/jackets, and tons of handbags all in one store.

Some of the clothing brands offered at Envydia include: Buffalo, Guess, Silver Star, and Arson & Orb. For shoes: LaCoste, Osiris, Kenneth Cole, Steve Madden, and (lots of) Sketchers. For handbags: Guess, Kathy VanZeeland, Chinese Laundry, and Chocolate. The shop also wants to focus on offering brands that are nowhere else in Medicine Hat in the upcoming months. You can learn and see more on their Shop the Hat profile:

Envydia on Shop the Hat

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