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Artwork by Terre Crew member Gordie Ishizuka

Artwork by Terre Crew member Gordie Ishizuka

7pm – 9pm

Through the month of May, Medalta has been a flurry of creative energy, thanks to a full-house of creative artists in our contemporary artists studios and even our industrial museum!

Terre Crew – a Quebec-based group – is an invitational residency featuring five ceramic artists. Joining them are three Medalta Award recipients (from Alberta, Ontario and Nova Scotia), another ceramic artist who has been with us from British Columbia since early spring and a Saskatoon-based artist who is creating a 3 meter by 6 meter charcoal drawing inspired by Medalta’s old factory.

Together, this group of 10 artists represents 6 provinces – incredible diversity all brought together in Medicine Hat.

With such a diverse group wrapping up their time in Medicine Hat, we’re giving them a suitably interesting send-off by hosting an exhibition and public reception in our dome-shaped beehive kilns and old factory.

This is a great opportunity to meet excellent, creative artists from across Canada. Many of whom are on their first visit to Medicine Hat. They’re an engaged group who have thoroughly enjoyed their time in Medicine Hat (and riding those fantastic bikes so many of you donated through Medicine Hat’s trails).

Help us give them a proper farewell and enjoy yourselves in the most unique setting in Southern Alberta. Join us for this free evening celebrating Canadian artists.

Tuesday, May 27
7:00pm – 9:00pm
Medalta’s Beehive Kilns
Cash Bar

Bright Lights at the Esplanade Art Gallery

Bright Lights at the Esplanade Art Gallery

Announcing our Public Reception with the Artists for the current exhibitions in the Esplanade Art Gallery: Aaron Nelson: Connectivity and The Hat Art Club and Medicine Hat Potters Association, Thursday November 21 at 7pm.

Aaron Nelson: Connectivity

As a craftsman, a clay expert and the Artistic Director of the Shaw International Artist Residency program at Medalta Historical Clay District, Aaron Nelson has a very broad and deep view of making craft today. To create the art in this surprising, smart and fun exhibition he investigated how to mesh sophisticated digital technology with traditional ceramics, and explore ideas about networking and connectivity.

News Flash – This chandelier is hardwired to the internet. Constructed of over 7000 porcelain tea cup handles fused together into hundreds of chains and illuminated from within by 300 RGB LEDs, this piece responds to you. What colour would you like to see?

Text 647 560 0728
Text the number, type a colour, and in 30 seconds… it changes.

Watch a live feed and watch it change. Learn more about this project and the exhibition Connectivity at:

On Thursday November 21, Aaron Nelson will give a free tour of his exhibition during the reception. Members of The Hat Art Club and Medicine Hat Potters Association will be on hand to welcome everyone to their exhibition at the Esplanade Art Gallery.

Tom Willock, Lower Bertha Falls, Waterton Lakes National Park, 1993, gelatin silver

Tom Willock, Lower Bertha Falls, Waterton Lakes National Park, 1993, gelatin silver

Immersed in Waterton is a solo exhibition of works by photographer Tom Willock which features eighteen traditional silver gelatin black-and-white prints from two of his earlier series titled The Elements of Wilderness and Images of Waterton Glacier International Peace Park.

The photographs express the power of the vastness and beauty of this breathtaking mountain park which straddles the Canada-U.S. border in southern Alberta. The subjects depicted in the images range from frozen cascades to reed-filled ponds and from groupings of delicate maple leaves to forests dense with lodgepole pine.

Willock captures a sense of place with each photograph and explores our inherent connection to nature. The images are intimate and intuitive records that are infused with our sense of belonging.

“My sense of myself is inseparable from the land,” he writes in his biography at “My photographs have no purpose, no intention beyond the truthful expression of my own inner vision, reflections of human experience and the natural landscape. A quality of art is its simultaneous expression of particular and universal. For each of us, the expressive print will hold its own particular meaning and beauty.”

For more than forty years, Willock has been photographing the natural environment of southern Alberta in the large-format medium and developing film himself in a traditional darkroom to produce skilfully composed and technically impressive works. The director of the Medicine Hat Museum and Art Gallery from 1978 to 1998, he now lives in Banff, Alberta, where he runs the Willock and Sax Gallery with his wife, Susan Sax-Willock.


Sunday, September 29, 2013 from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.

MEDICINE HAT PUBLIC LIBRARY Honor Currie Room, 414 First Street, Medicine Hat, AB

EXHIBITION RUNS September 3 – 30, 2013

FOR MORE INFORMATION or 403-502-8586

In Print - Medicine Hat News art exhibition

In Print – Medicine Hat News art exhibition

In Print – Medicine Hat News art exhibition

Opening Reception

  • TONIGHT! Friday, March 1st
  • 7:00pm – 9:00pm
  • Yuill Family Gallery (Medalta)
  • No Charge Entry

A newspaper’s front page has long been a ubiquitous part of many peoples’ lives. It is often the first point of reference when big news breaks anywhere in the world. The headlines call to us and even though the images are often iconic, few can name the source they originally came from.

How can it be that one of the most important communication tools of the past 500 years can be taken for granted?

In this exhibition, Medalta and the Medicine Hat News have partnered to exhibit important front pages over the past one hundred years.

The thought is that by elevating the Front Page from its regular place on your dining room table to the walls of a gallery, it will encourage the viewer to re-visit the idea of how information is transmitted.


March 1 – April 13
Yuill Family Gallery @ Medalta

The Esplanade Art Gallery is pleased to present two new exhibitions, Deanna Bowen’s Stories to Pass On… and 365 Collective’s Relate, on display until April 15. There will be a public opening reception on Friday, March 2, 2012 at 7 PM. Also, in conjunction with Deanna Bowen’s art exhibition and to celebrate Black History Month, there will be an illustrated presentation by the Museum Curator, Robert Bruce Shepard, entitled “Black Pioneers of Western Canada” on Wednesday February 29 at 7 PM.

Deanna Bowen: Stories to pass on…

Inspired by a road trip to Texas, Oklahoma and Alabama in which she retraced her great grandparents’ slave roots and migration to Alberta, Ontario artist Deanna Bowen created two multimedia works about slavery-based trauma, family estrangement, community, and telling personal truths. Gospel (2007-2008) is a song of loss and longing which combines photographs of found hymn books, a sculptural/audio work, and Hollywood movie footage into a semi- autobiographical exploration of a daughter’s rejection of mother, family, and home. In Shadow on the Prairie (2009), Deanna Bowen mixes her own family story and that of the seminal 1952 Royal Winnipeg Ballet of the same name. The ballet evokes a young woman’s struggle in the harsh conditions of pioneer life, with which Bowen intertwines an exploration of a family rumour about her great uncle, a closeted gay actor & nightclub singer who played in all-black revues of Vancouver’s supper club circuit in the 1930s – 1950s. Deanna Bowen is a descendant of the Alabama and Kentucky born Black Prairie pioneers of Amber Valley and Campsie, Alberta. She is a Toronto based interdisciplinary artist whose work has been exhibited internationally in numerous film festivals and galleries. Stories to pass on… is touring Canada through a collaboration with the Thames Art Gallery, Chatham, Ontario, and is accompanied by a publication. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Through the month of July, nine artists from Canada and the United States are visiting Medicine Hat and working in Medalta’s contemporary ceramics studios.

On July 28 (7:00pm), Medalta’s open house and art reception are taking place, providing an opportunity to meet these artists who have spent the month in our community.

As members of Medicine Hat’s cultural community, you’re encouraged to attend and show these visiting artists how much we appreciate the Arts in Medicine Hat.

Marc Leuthold is one of the artists brought to Medicine Hat by Medalta. Marc’s large sculptures have entered the collections of the Metropolitan and Brooklyn Museums and the Museum of Art and Design. Critic John Perreault has remarked: “One looks and looks for artists who break up history, who bend the descent, who force one to connect the dots in new ways, even turn away from some. Leuthold is one of these.”

Sukjin Choi, who is leading this month’s residency at Medalta, is a Korean artist, educator and writer currently working in Virginia. Her practice ranges from the seemingly effortless production of traditional Onggi jars, to the large scale multimedia installation art.

This is a no-charge, informal event. Complementary food and drinks will be served. For more information, check out our newly-designed website.

Artisan Pottery Studio - Downtown Medicine HatThe Clay Trade will have its official Grand Opening during the Dowtown Artwalk. The night will include refreshments from Big Rock Breweries, treats and live music by Ron Mason.

We will feature works by local artists and artists in residence from Medalta.

Some of the artist’s include:

Les Manning, Jane MacKay, Hedy Stabler, Koi Neng Liew….

When: Friday June 10th 7 PM – 10 PM

Where: 628 2nd Street SE

Visit for more information or call 403-529-9109

Follow us on twitter (@clay_trade) and on Facebook

Arborglyphs Poster

Arborglyphs Poster

May 20, 2011 – June 4, 2011

Opening Reception: May 20, 2011 7:00-10:00pm

Arborglyphs is an attempt to capture the forms of trees both in and out, retold within its very substance.  No two trees are exactly the same, each one is shaped by a myriad of forces at work each day.  My work on these already amazing examples of art, seeks to be just as unique as the pieces that I work upon. ~Hayden Werezak

Hayden’s Bio: Trees I find to be one of the most fascinating things. My fascination with this part of creation inspires my retelling of these growing works of art. I seek to capture trees either carved or etched on wood, slate, and marble.

Born and raised in Calgary, matured in the North Saskatchewan River valley and the Cypress Hills, I currently reside in Medicine Hat, with my wife Aryn.



Susan Knight, will be having an exhibition tonight (December 10th) at 7:00PM at The Hive Artist’s Hub for her new show entitled “UNDER THE INFLUENCE”. The show will be running from today until January 15th if you are not able to make it. I already took a sneak-peek at the artwork and it was really quite interesting. There’s also a couple samples of the artwork on her site. Here’s a little bit more about Susan and her work:

Susan Knight is a self-taught photographer and digital artist. She lives and works in Medicine Hat, AB where she specializes in interpretive self-portraiture. In addition to her natural creative flair, Susan has found that her formal training as an interior designer and architectural experience enhances her ability to express herself though her art and allows her to bring a unique eye to commissioned works.

Susan’s current primary project, “In the Style of…”, is a study of the construction of personal and artistic identity through style. Using the media of costume, make-up, backdrop, and her own form, each image is thoroughly researched, meticulously plotted and digitally enhanced to create a work that is completely new yet also true to the style of selected greats from the history of portrait artistry. Through these images, the viewer can see a familiar face transform under the artist’s touch and how the artist’s craft claims and forms the subject yet works to reveal the true, constant character lurking beneath the surface.

Reconciliation Invite Image

Reconciliation Invite Image

It seems Medicine Hat Media has been left out of the Visual Communications graduation show media release for the second year in a row. This is the last time we will advertise for them! Just kidding… or am I?

The exhibition for the graduation show is open daily between April 3-12 from 9:30AM and 4:30PM in the Medicine Hat College’s main lobby. The reception happens on Friday, April 9th, at 7:00PM, which coincides with The Children’s Hour that starts up at 7:30PM on the 9th.

I have received an invitation through my place of employment for the grad show, but it does not give too much information about what you can expect by attending the show. So judging by their website,, it looks as though there are drawings, paintings, photographs, graphic design and perhaps sculptures.

The branding for the grad show  is done again with a straight Helvetica type face. The website is a minimalistic WordPress theme, which unlike past years, allows everyone with access to the back-end of it to log in and upload their own photos. The website allows users to “Reconcile“, whereby the user can post any reconciliations they have, which will then automatically be posted to the website. I posted one:

I am a sad panda that this website was not submitted to to raise awareness for the reception!

I hope this years graduation show is not advertised to be environmentally friendly, like last year’s Lost & Found show, whose organizers purchased huge amounts of corrugated cardboard to be connotative of the theme, which was probably just thrown out afterwards.

The reception should be host to food and alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages, music and dancing. Come down, check some art, hear some music and get your fill of food. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »



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