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Medicine Hat’s Volunteer Centre will likely close it’s doors after Christmas. The organization that has been a staple in our community since 1991 was overlooked for FCSS funding and can no longer operate. Program funding was a decision made by our current city council. The same council that has recently allotted funds to Slave Lake, Haiti and the Horn of Africa. Irregardless of the fact that our generosity extends beyond our borders, times are tough and we cannot fund a twenty year old organization providing services to the local community. If you are wondering why, here are some people you can ask:

Mayor Normand Boucher
Alderman Graham Kelly
Alderman Wayne Craven
Alderman Les Pearson
Alderman Phil Turnbull
Alderman Ted Clugston
Alderman Jeremy Thompson
Alderman John Hamill

The Host Committee for the 2011 Southern Alberta Summer Games in Medicine Hat is still recruiting volunteers for various positions prior to and throughout the games which take place July 6-9, 2011.

Most of the remaining volunteer positions are required for the following:

  • Soccer (Field Managers, Scorekeepers, Referee Coordinators, etc.)
  • Swimming (Timers, Registration Table, Results, etc.)
  • Athletics/Track & Field (Timers, Announcers, Registration Table, Results, etc.)
  • Equestrian (Set-up, Results, etc.)
  • 5/10 KM Run (Timers, Water Stations, Route Markers, etc.)
  • Baseball (Scorekeepers)
  • Cycling (Timers)
  • Rugby

Volunteers are also required to help with the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and in the Results and Medal Centre (which will be located at the Family Leisure Centre during the Games).

Bill Grady, Volunteer Director with the 2011 Southern Alberta Summer Games Host Committee says, “We all know our community shines when it comes to pulling together to make these types of events happen. We’ll need between 400 and 500 volunteers and I’m confident our community will come through for us and show the rest of Southern Alberta what it means to be a ‘Medicine-Hatter’.”

Those interested in volunteering are asked to sign up online at or visit the games office at the Medicine Hat Arena (155 Ash Avenue SE) to fill out a volunteer form.

The Southern Alberta Summer Games began in 1970 as a grass-roots sport and culture festival with an emphasis on participation, fair play and fun for the whole family. Each year, 13 teams or “regions” from across southern Alberta bring more than two thousand participants to a different southern Alberta host community – making in the largest consecutively-running festival of its kind in Western Canada. The City of Medicine Hat, in partnership with Cypress County and the Town of Redcliff, is thrilled to be the host for the 42nd Annual Southern Alberta Summer Games July 6-9,

The Medicine Hat Hockey Hound Junior B Cubs are searching for young energetic volunteers to be part of the team as game day Staff. There are tons of hockey fans in Medicine Hat that love to watch a game live but can’t get tickets to a Tigers game. Our intentions are not to bash the Tigers but to promote the young local talent that we have right here in our city with the Cubs. The Cubs strive every year to improve the image on and off the ice, both for the league and themselves. The Heritage Junior Hockey League consists of 15 teams and is recognized as the elite league in Alberta when it comes to Junior B hockey. The HJHL continues to improve it’s image also, focusing on removing the old title of Jungle B hockey that has been around for many years. The league and Cubs are dedicated to being a disciplined league and it has shown as the number of fights in games has declined over the last 3 years due to strict enforcement from Hockey Canada, Hockey Alberta and the HJHL.

Our goal is to not only improve the on ice product but to make it an exciting experience for all who come to a game.

What we are looking at in regards to game day staff is people with ideas to help make the game exciting before, during and after the game. This group of young individuals can brainstorm, then through a bunch of their ideas together and then go with it.

We are looking for a spectator host/announcer, music man, ice crew, cheerleaders behind the scene helpers or anything else you can think of.

If this is something that interests you please contact the Cubs by email at

The Medicine Hat SPCA is seeking volunteers to join their 2010 Board of Directors. Our annual general meeting will be held Feb. 17, 2010, membership is required prior to board nominations. A strong legal, financial HR, business or marketing background would be an asset, no previous board experience is required. The organization is managing to operate successfully in spite of some ongoing financial restraints. We are looking for forward thinkers wanting to help plan and move the organization forward into the future. For for information please contact Audrey Becker at or phone (403)526-7722

If you do not want to be on their board of directors or do not qualify, why not just volunteer some time and take a pooch for a walk? This could be particularly beneficial if you live somewhere that does not allow animals or if you do not have anyone to go jogging with.

Check out the SPCA’s website to see how you can help.

The Historic Clay District’s Transportation Committee is hosting an information session on Thursday, October 4 from 7:30 – 8:30pm at the Medalta Potteries National Historic Site.

The Transportation Committee is responsible for the restoration of the 1912 CPR caboose that is currently situated in the Medalta Potteries’ courtyard and all other aspects of transportation related to the Historic Clay District. The session is designed to educate interested individuals on the scope of the project and suggest areas where help is needed.

Everyone interested is welcome to attend. Refreshments will be served.

The Historic Clay District is one of eight attractors in the Canadian Badlands, is featured in AMA’s “Alberta 100 Journeys” and is Western Canada’s largest National Historic Site. The District museum – in the Medalta Potteries National Historic Site – provides visitors a unique opportunity to visit a restored 1912 pottery factory, which once produced three-quarters of all stoneware in Canada. It is operated under the stewardship of the Friends of Medalta Society.



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