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Volunteer Centre Crisis

Medicine Hat’s Volunteer Centre will likely close it’s doors after Christmas. The organization that has been a staple in our community since 1991 was overlooked for FCSS¬†funding and can no longer operate. Program funding was a decision made by our current city council. The same council that has recently allotted funds to Slave Lake, Haiti and the Horn of Africa. Irregardless of the fact that our generosity extends beyond our borders, times are tough and we cannot fund a twenty year old organization providing services to the local community. If you are wondering why, here are some people you can ask:

Mayor Normand Boucher
Alderman Graham Kelly
Alderman Wayne Craven
Alderman Les Pearson
Alderman Phil Turnbull
Alderman Ted Clugston
Alderman Jeremy Thompson
Alderman John Hamill

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