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Image taken from the SPCA Website

Image taken from the SPCA Website

In the latest trending Ticked Off topic, apparently some people think the city should aid seniors instead of the SPCA.

It’s on the city councils priority list to address the need for an expanded animal shelter; not urgent just yet, but as the city continues to grow the need will increase. It seems the city is simply looking towards expanding the center and don’t intend to start funding for it. Unfortunately, the SPCA currently receives no ongoing sources of funding from any level of government, so they rely on donations, grants, and community support. As of January 7, 2011, the organization was at full capacity.

Some believe that people come before animals. So what happens when the shelter cannot accept more unwanted pets? According to the SPCA, most dogs arrive about 9 months to 1 year of age, as it takes this long for people to realize they’re not suited for raising a pet. While the idea of adoption is to hope someone can care for it better, it would certainly be incentive to keep the pet if you know the only other option is to leave it on the street.

Medicine Hat SPCA

The Medicine Hat SPCA is seeking volunteers to join their 2010 Board of Directors. Our annual general meeting will be held Feb. 17, 2010, membership is required prior to board nominations. A strong legal, financial HR, business or marketing background would be an asset, no previous board experience is required. The organization is managing to operate successfully in spite of some ongoing financial restraints. We are looking for forward thinkers wanting to help plan and move the organization forward into the future. For for information please contact Audrey Becker at or phone (403)526-7722

If you do not want to be on their board of directors or do not qualify, why not just volunteer some time and take a pooch for a walk? This could be particularly beneficial if you live somewhere that does not allow animals or if you do not have anyone to go jogging with.

Check out the SPCA’s website to see how you can help.



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