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Esplanade Museum and the Archaeological Society of South East Alberta are presenting “Stones and Bones”, a workshop on Saturday, May 24 from 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Cutbanks Room at the Esplanade Arts and Heritage Centre.

The workshop is designed for local collectors of arrow heads, stone tools, ancient animal remains and geological specimens. Curators from the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton will be available to examine, identify and discuss these items.

Ancient items frequently turn up in farmers’ fields and on ranch land in this area. Some are easy to identify, but many are not. Here is an opportunity to learn more about these collections found in our community and local vicinity.

Visitors from outside of Medicine Hat are welcome to attend the workshop as well as a presentation by Chris Jass, an Ice Age specialist from the Royal Alberta Museum. “Of Mammoths and Mice: Explorations into Alberta’s Ice Age Fossil Record,” will begin at 7:30 PM in the Cutbanks Room at the Esplanade.

Visitors are also invited to tour the Esplanade Museum’s feature exhibit, “Ice Age Mammals,” at no charge throughout the day and prior to the presentation.

The Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta are accepting grant applications for spring 2011 grants.

Applications will be accepted until the close of business on March 15, 2011. Organizations must hold a charitable registration number from the Canada Revenue Agency or be a qualified donee under the terms of the Income Tax Act. The Community Foundation awards grants for charitable activities in the arts, education, social services, the environment, health, culture, recreation or any project that will maintain or improve the quality of life in Southeastern Alberta.

During 2010 the Community Foundation was able to make 133 charitable grants to 74 different organizations for a total of $211,802.00.

“We are pleased to give grants to qualified organization in Southeastern Alberta,” said executive director Mike Christie.

Community Foundation donations are held forever and carefully invested, with the principal of the donation never being spent. The interest earned on donations is then used to give grants to community charities.

The grants committee of the Community Foundation will review the spring grant applications and notify recipients in May. Grants will then be handed out to the chosen organizations at the annual Founder’s Day Picnic in June 2011.

To assist in the grant application process, the Community Foundation will host a “Grant Application Workshop” for all interested parties, Wednesday February 9th, 2011 at 12:00pm at the Medicine Hat Chamber of Commerce.

The Community Foundation of Medicine Hat and Southeastern Alberta has a large service area. Qualified organizations are welcome to apply for funds. For more information on eligibility or to receive an application, groups may visit or call the Community Foundation office at (403) 527-9038.

For more information, please contact Mike Christie at (403) 527-9038.

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Medicine Hat Media, being the forerunner of bringing scam alerts to public attention online, especially with our coverage of StoresOnline in 2008 and 2009 have another one to alert you about. Saying that, I would also like to state that this could very well NOT be a scam, but who has ever heard of anything good coming out of these workshops? Well, besides that cheap digital camera that they give you that will break after a month. Fortunately for us, CHAT TV has helped us with this one and released their video to YouTube.

Official Dean Graziosi Insider’s Edge Website

The gullibility of a certain older lady in the video is quite disturbing; however, this is the type of people that they thrive off of. I can’t speak to the content of the workshop or program as I did not attend the event; however, a simple Google search reveals many complaints against The Insider’s Edge, Dean Graziosi (he has a lot, but mostly his own trying to pad Google with his own sites/products), and their parent company, “Investor Education”. Here’s a couple of those:

Scam Review Dean Graziosi Article
Better Business Bureau scored Investor Education an F

Area non-profit organizations will have a chance to learn more about the Community Foundation’s grant application process at a workshop on Wednesday.

All interested parties are invited to attend the “Grant Application Workshop,” where Community Foundation executive director Mike Christie will guide applicants through the forms and process.

“During past grant cycles we have found the workshop very valuable,” said Christie. “It leads to higher quality grant applications and makes the process easier on both the applicants and grant committee members.”

Applicants are under no obligation to attend the workshop, as it is not a required part of the grant application process.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, July 29 from 12 – 1:30 PM at the Volunteer and Community Information Centre located at 211 4th St. SE. Coffee will be provided and attendees are welcome to bring their lunch. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

The Alberta Foundation for the Arts will be hosting a workshop for art grants and funding on January 30th and 31st. This event is for artists and organization that want or are thinking about applying for an art grant. Individuals are asked to attend on January 30th from 3PM until 4:30PM and organizations are asked to attend on January 31st from 10AM to 11:30AM. The workshops will be held at the Medicine Hat College in room f-135 and led by AFFTA director, Al Chapman. For more information please contact or head on over to their website:



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