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StoresOnline 2009

StoresOnline was back in Medicine Hat tonight at the Callaghan Inn. I met pretty much everyone that attended the seminar while I stood outside the Inn passing out informational write-ups on their seminar from last year.

The purpose I was handing out the write-ups, if I did not explain it concisely to everyone, was to encourage potential buyers to research business they may never have heard of before to see if they are legit and something they really want to get involved with. As I explained to a few people: This is recession time, and businesses will always want to do business with you, so there is no need to rush into signing up for something that costs a lot of money.

The age range of this years attendance was different than last years. There were a few more younger people this year, around the ages of 25-35, as opposed to last years general 40+ year old attendance. Most people; however, seemed mostly interested in the free meal and MP3 player. Most people seemed thankful that I was outside and taking an active participation in the on-goings of the city. I even had a few people come back outside before I left to thank me, which felt pretty rewarding.

This year might have been different from last, though with the consensus around the country and throughout the USA, as depicted on the website, it was probably the same.

To check out my previous posts on Stores Online in Medicine Hat last year, check out my First Article from 2008, and my 2008 Summary to prepare Hatters for the 2009 seminar.

Any comments from any of the people who went about their seminar this year?

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  1. August 10th, 2009 at 7:14 PM

    Annon says:

    Good Work Sean

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