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Great line-up at the Espy.

Medicine Hat Media, being the forerunner of bringing scam alerts to public attention online, especially with our coverage of StoresOnline in 2008 and 2009 have another one to alert you about. Saying that, I would also like to state that this could very well NOT be a scam, but who has ever heard of anything good coming out of these workshops? Well, besides that cheap digital camera that they give you that will break after a month. Fortunately for us, CHAT TV has helped us with this one and released their video to YouTube.

Official Dean Graziosi Insider’s Edge Website

The gullibility of a certain older lady in the video is quite disturbing; however, this is the type of people that they thrive off of. I can’t speak to the content of the workshop or program as I did not attend the event; however, a simple Google search reveals many complaints against The Insider’s Edge, Dean Graziosi (he has a lot, but mostly his own trying to pad Google with his own sites/products), and their parent company, “Investor Education”. Here’s a couple of those:

Scam Review Dean Graziosi Article
Better Business Bureau scored Investor Education an F

There’s been a lot of controversy over the whole Monarch debacle, and there hasn’t been a lot of public information on the CCDA’s side of things until now. Our friends at CHAT TV who periodically release great content from their news broadcasts on to YouTube share their latest clip entitled “Downtown Dispute”. This video shows a bit of the CCDA’s position, where they contend, that the design expenses were never approved, so it was never officially in their budget (which was getting more and more thin as the renovations progressed). Their position is that “nobody knew about” the $9000 bill which was submitted at the end of the year by Amy of Rapscallion, and not a monthly invoice they would have thought to receive for any expenses. It seems a bit more fair on the CCDA’s perspective now.

Something still strikes me as odd though, considering they were using the posters, promotional materials, the logo and the website. Although it wasn’t stated in the video, it would be assumed, that of all these projects being done by Rapscallion was considered, by the board, to be volunteer work? It seems like a lot of work to be considered volunteering; was it never discussed? Months and months of separate pieces of work was never brought up and the payment for said pieces? I think some of the story is still missing here. Furthermore, they are still using some of the original content including the logo; albeit, an extracted/copied version. Who owns the intellectual property rights? If there was no invoice or payment, was there any contractual release of property rights?

Previously posted about on Sean’s article in early September, 2009, was news that the Google Car was spotted around town taking images for Google’s Street View service within the Google Maps application. It’s been awhile, but the day has finally come! Google Street View is now live for all of Medicine Hat (well most of it anyways). Unfortunately due to the age of the current satellite photo of Medicine Hat, all of the new development area in the south of the city was not recorded; however, it is possible that the car recorded the streets and will be added once the actual roads are added. CHAT TV also did a brief report on the subject:

City Hall in Street View

“They left their normal lives in Canada to take up arms in Italy during World War II. Now, on the 65th anniversary of the Italian Campaign – veterans retrace their steps, where they experienced the cruelty that is war. Watch the new CHAT TV documentary “The Forgotten War.” Premiering Tuesday January 26, at 7:30 on CHAT TV.

This Documentary will also be shown at the Monarch Theatre as a pre-feature to the award winning film ‘The Hurt Locker’ (on January 28th). This is a special screening that CHAT TV, MY96 and CHAT 94.5 will be giving away tickets for. Tune-in to win in the days leading up to this event.

Contributor, Mike has made me aware of a news segment broadcasted on CHAT TV that was just recently aired on January 14th. Just weeks after the Medicine Hat city council voted down funding options that would of seen construction begin on an event centre in our city, the community of Brooks begins to celebrate the opening of their new arena. While it’s easy to compare both of our cities because we are so close, that’s kind of a blind-sided thing to do. Medicine Hat is a different city than Brooks is, especially in the finance/money spending department, but being so close… it’s hard not to see this as ironic or sad in some way. Well… that is if you are for the events centre.

I’m sure most of you reading this already know about how the events centre was recently shot down for funding by council; however, you may not know exactly how it all started, or maybe you don’t remember. What the initial idea was, the reasoning, and how far back the planning goes. Fortunately for us, CHAT TV has decided to share the history with us, in video form. Many have stated that even though it was voted out (5 to 4) this year, it still remains in the council’s books, meaning it will happen, eventually, sometime, in the future… maybe? But as also pointed out, the wait = more money.

A New Arena – The Inception – Originally aired in November 2005

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Thursday, December 24

  • Instead of the CHAT NEWS AT NOON they will play CHAT NEWS TOP 9 OF ’09
  • Instead of the CHAT EVENING NEWS they will play CHAT NEWS TOP 9 OF ’09 at 5:30 and 6:30 and the CHAT SPORTS TOP 9 OF ’09 at 6 and 7.
  • At 7:30 there will be a CHAT NEWS SPECIAL called ONE CHILD AT A TIME.
  • Instead of CHAT NEWS LIVE AT 11 they will play CHAT NEWS TOP 9 OF ’09

Friday, December 25th

  • At 12pm a replay of CHAT SPORTS TOP 9 of ’09
  • Followed by CHAT NEWS: MEDICINE HAT MAGIC with Kyle Bakx at 7:30
  • At 11 CHAT NEWS TOP 9 of ’09

Saturday, December 26

  • CHAT NEWS TOP 9 OF ’09 AT 11pm.

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If you have never checked out CHAT TV’s YouTube channel, you may want to now.

They’ve just recently put up an Archive Playlist and are entertaining requests from people that want to see specific stories put up. Whether it was an old civic election, or the Tigers winning WHL championship, or one of the downtown fires.

Here’s one of the old stories that is on there now. I miss the Waterslides.

On Thanksgiving Day, CHAT TV will be airing a half hour Documentary about a pair of Medicine Hat residents who have established a company to drill water wells in Africa.

It is a beautifully pieced Documentary by Jeremy Hunka that will give you many reasons to be thankful. I urge everyone to see this documentary.

‘Too Dry For Tears’ is the title and it airs Monday Oct 12th. (Noon, 5:30PM, 6:30 & 11:00PM)



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