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Justin Quinton, from the “NoAudience” project has just released his second Podcast (give or take a couple days). To my knowledge, this is the only Podcast coming out Medicine Hat which is quite cool. It’s great to see the start of new forms of media emerge in Medicine Hat. If you missed the first podcast and introduction, please check it out and if you missed the first post explaining the NoAudience project, please view that as well. When I first listened to the Podcast almost a month ago, I was blown away with the quality of production as I was expecting a lot worse being the first Podcast I have ever heard coming out of Medicine Hat.

Justin even gave a shout out to Medicine Hat Media on the second podcast. Sorry for the delay on posting this one; give me a break,  i’m currently on my holidays.

Podcast #1
Podcast #2

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No Audience

No Audience

Quick introduction… My name is Justin Quinton, I have lived in the Hat almost 6 years, originally from Newfoundland (although my accent has all but been repressed) and I have been digging through this city since day one to find a ‘scene’. Any scene. Music, art, theatre… even a pretentious artsy group that won’t give me the time of day. This has led me to discover two things; Yes there is enormous amounts of talent here! And no, not a lot of people care.

I know within this blog I’m probably speaking directly to the people that do care. And you probably already believe that media deserves more recognition in southern Alberta. What I came up with over a year ago is a concept for an arts magazine. I spent a weekend brainstorming and planning and left it at that. About a week ago while surfing I stumbled upon Medicine Hat Media and seen that it was reflecting a lot of the ideas that I wanted to do with the magazine. Instantly my spark renewed and I wanted to put forth a concept for a magazine I call “No Audience”. It’s about art, music, and life here in Southern Alberta and to bring forward the best works of our local artists in a professional glossy magazine.

I myself am a musician, photographer and ‘graphic design dabbler’ here in the city. I don’t claim to be the best nor do I do any of those things for profit (I have another job, 3 kids and a mortgage). What would be really cool is if the right people see this, want to work on it, want to contribute, take it to where it needs to go, and be a showcase for all too see our local talents… to create a scene!

Thanks for your time. This is the cover I designed to spark interest in the project. The model is a local girl named Robyn Homans and I did the photography.



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