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Bowling Invite Correction

*UPDATE* This event is taking place on the 25th, not the 24th as posted.

Below is the invite description for this very unique and interesting event:

Enjoy a glass of your favorite tipple with the city’s creative community – media workers, artists, photographers and musicians – as well as special guests for an afternoon of lawn bowling and music starting at 2 p.m. on July 25 at the Medicine Hat Lawn Bowling Club.

Invitees are encouraged to bring their best dish, musical instrument or work of art to share. This is a rain or shine event with entertainment inside the club house if the weather turns foul. Kitchen facilities and barbecue will be available. Lawn bowling lessons provided free of charge. Admission is by way of a small donation to the Medicine Hat Lawn Bowling Club.

Dress whites optional.
For more info call 403-979-1463

I have always wanted to learn how to play lawn bowling… So whether you are a reporter, tv/radio host, photographer, artist, musician or any other type of media worker, stop by with some food and drinks, and well, play some lawn bowling, or maybe a little bit of croquet?

Justin Quinton, from the “NoAudience” project has just released his second Podcast (give or take a couple days). To my knowledge, this is the only Podcast coming out Medicine Hat which is quite cool. It’s great to see the start of new forms of media emerge in Medicine Hat. If you missed the first podcast and introduction, please check it out and if you missed the first post explaining the NoAudience project, please view that as well. When I first listened to the Podcast almost a month ago, I was blown away with the quality of production as I was expecting a lot worse being the first Podcast I have ever heard coming out of Medicine Hat.

Justin even gave a shout out to Medicine Hat Media on the second podcast. Sorry for the delay on posting this one; give me a break,  i’m currently on my holidays.

Podcast #1
Podcast #2

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