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In recognition of Culture Days, Medicine Hat Public Library and the National Film Board of Canada present the film, The Mystery of Mazo de la Roche. Show time is 2:00 pm on Sunday, September 30 in the Library Theatre.

Mazo de la Roche was one of the most successful and prolific women writers of the 20th century. She was the author of the popular Jalna novels, about the Whiteoak family of Ontario. The books span 100 years, beginning with the arrival from India of Captain Philip Whiteoak and his bride Adeline to Canada, where they settled on the shores of Lake Ontario in the mid1850s. Several of the books were made into films and appeared on television.

Despite her great success, she was also a mystery throughout most of her life. In this film, both dramatic and documentary techniques are used to present a portrait of a compelling woman, uncovering the secrets behind her extraordinary literary success.

The film will be preceded by Bone Wind Fire, a 30 minute documentary narrated through the words and lives of Georgia O’Keeffe, Emily Carr and Frieda Kahlo, three of the 20th century’s most remarkable artists.

This film is being presented by Medicine Hat Public Library and the National Film Board’s NFB Film Club as a joint presentation.

For more information go to or contact Hilary at 403-502-8533 or

The Big Fix, a film about the Deepwater Horizon sinking in the Gulf of Mexico, is the featured film for the beginning of the fall season of Cinema Politica. It will be shown at Medicine Hat Public Library on Monday, September 24, 2012 at 7.00 pm.

The Big Fix looks at the root causes of the offshore drilling rig sinking in the Gulf on April 22, 2010. This disaster created the worst oil spill in history. The film exposes the root causes of the spill and the massive cover-up that followed by BP. In making the film, filmmakers uncovered a vast network of corruption exposing a government that puts the pursuit of profit above all other human and environmental needs.

The film features Peter Fonda, Amy Smart and Jean-Michel Cousteau.

The Big Fix was an official selection at the Festival de Cannes in 2011.

Cinema Politica and Monday Night at the Movies/Friends of Medicine Hat Public Library are cosponsors of this free program.

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For local information, contact Dave Bahnmiller at 403-529-2209 or

If a Tree Falls, a film about the Earth Liberation Front, is the featured film for the spring seasoning ending of Cinema Politica. It will be shown at Medicine Hat Public Library on Monday, May 28 at 7.00 pm.

If a Tree Falls is the remarkable story of the rise and fall of the Earth Liberation Front, an organization which the FBI has called America’s “number one domestic terrorism threat”. The film focuses on Daniel McGowan, his transformation and radicalization and is equally a coming of age tale and a cops and robbers thriller. The film asks hard questions about environmentalism, activism and the way we define terrorism.

This film won the Documentary Editing Award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2011 and was a nominee for Best Documentary Feature at the 2012 Academy Awards.

Cinema Politica and Monday Night at the Movies/Friends of Medicine Hat Public Library are cosponsors of this free program.

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For local information, contact Dave Bahnmiller at 403-529-2209 or

At 7pm, Thursday, November 17th in Room F156 at Medicine Hat College we will be showing “The Healthcare Movie”. There is free admission and everyone is welcome.

This documentary provides the real story of how the health care systems in Canada and the United States evolved to be so completely different, when at one point they were essentially the same. Most people under the age of 50, in both countries, are not aware of the intensity of the political struggle that led to the universal medical care system in Canada. Nor are they aware of the public relations campaigns, still active today, that have been prevalent in the United States since the early 1900’s to dissuade the public from supporting national health care.

Produced by Canadian/American couple Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg, The Healthcare Movie reveals the personal and emotional impact on Canadians who now have access to universal health care because of the heroism of people who took a stand nearly 50 years ago. It also reveals the continuing struggle in the United States between the fear of government intervention and the right to quality health care for all people.

Every day people are dying or going bankrupt due to the ills of the United States system. Who are we in the face of this human tragedy? If you agree that people are more important than profits, then you must watch this film.

Feature: 65 minutes including credits, followed by an Addendum entitled “The Second Stage of Medicare”: 10 minutes
Narrated by Kiefer Sutherland

Sponsored by Palliser Friends of Medicare

Medicine Hat Public Library and Cinema Politica partner in presenting H2Oil, a film about America’s thirst for oil and and the effect on Canada’s oil sands and environment. The film takes place on Monday, October 31 at 7.00 pm in the Library Theatre.

America’s biggest oil supplier has quickly become Canada’s oil sands. Located under Alberta’s pristine boreal forests, the process of oil sands extraction uses up to 4 barrels of fresh water to produce only one barrel of crude oil.

Water has become the most important issue to face humanity in this century. At the same time, the war for oil is well underway across the globe. A struggle is increasingly being fought between water and oil, with Alberta’s oil sands at the centre of this tension.

This recent film examines the social, ecological and human impacts and the coming crisis point, as pipelines move towards crisscrossing the continent from the Arctic to the southern U. S, leaving toxic water basins the size of Lake Ontario and surface mines as large as Florida.

Cinema Politica and Monday Night at the Movies/Friends of Medicine Hat Public Library have partnered to present this free program.

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For more information about H2Oil, go to

Monday, February 28, 7 pm at the Public Library.

“The Garden” follows a group of inner-city Los Angeles farmers as they struggle to save their fourteen-acre community garden from demolition and redevelopment. Cinema Politica presents thoughtful films and conversation for concerned people. Admission is free, but donations are accepted to defray expenses. Click here for details.

Cinema Politica Brings “Bananas” to Medicine Hat

A new local organization called Cinema Politica kicks off its first program on Monday evening, November 29, 2010. Bananas, a documentary film, will be showing at 7:00 pm in the Library Theatre, followed by informal discussion. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted at the door.

Bananas documents the struggles of Nicaraguan farm workers engaged in a legal battle to receive compensation after exposure to a banned pesticide known to cause health problems. Was their employer, the Dole company, acting like an irresponsible multinational corporation, or was it the victim of a fraudulent lawsuit and an unscrupulous filmmaker? The answer is far from straightforward. Viewing and discussing the film gives a chance to wrestle with issues of globalization, the ethics of food production, and media responsibility.

Cinema Politica is a national organization which provides support for local groups screening documentary films with a political or environmental message. The new local branch is affiliated with Friends of the Library. Beginning in January, the local branch will be showing a film on the last Monday of each month. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted to support the national Cinema Politics organization, and to enable the library to add to its collection of documentary films.

As tipped off by a Medicine Hat Media reader on Twitter, The Last Steamship: The Search for the SS City of Medicine Hat is a very odd and interesting documentary, filmed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I had no idea of the story, but as the trailer informed me: In June 1908, Captain Horatio Ross lead the SS City of Medicine Hat down the South Saskatchewan river through the newly formed city of Saskatoon, was tangled by telegraph wire and crashed into a bridge, sinking it. Recently, an anchor was found from the boat and the premise for the documentary was born. It was the last steamboat to travel on the South Saskatchewan river.

One of the tag-lines kind of cracked me up though: “The greatest nautical disaster… (wait for it)… in prairie history!”. It’s being released on September 3rd. Maybe the Monarch should get a copy of this to show?

Watch the Trailer
Official Website

Food, Inc. at the Monarch Theatre

Food, Inc. at the Monarch Theatre

Food, Inc. is an American movie and documentary that exposes the industrialized food system and its effect on our environment, health, economy and workers’ rights. It is directed by Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Rober Kenner and was originally released in Canada on September 7th, 2008. The documentary generated extensive controversy as it was heavily criticized by large American corporations engaged in industrial food production. It is being presented by the CFCA (Community Food Connections Association) and its partners.

The showing is taking place on Monday, March 8th, 2010 and the doors will open at 6:30PM and the movie will start at 7:00PM. Healthy local snacks will be provided. This one-time free showing is in celebration of the community wide launch of the Medicine Hat Food Charter.

Official Trailer:

CFCA Website



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