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As tipped off by a Medicine Hat Media reader on Twitter, The Last Steamship: The Search for the SS City of Medicine Hat is a very odd and interesting documentary, filmed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. I had no idea of the story, but as the trailer informed me: In June 1908, Captain Horatio Ross lead the SS City of Medicine Hat down the South Saskatchewan river through the newly formed city of Saskatoon, was tangled by telegraph wire and crashed into a bridge, sinking it. Recently, an anchor was found from the boat and the premise for the documentary was born. It was the last steamboat to travel on the South Saskatchewan river.

One of the tag-lines kind of cracked me up though: “The greatest nautical disaster… (wait for it)… in prairie history!”. It’s being released on September 3rd. Maybe the Monarch should get a copy of this to show?

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