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Featured Artist: Tobie Laliberte

Tobie Laliberte, Medicine Hat (he actually isn’t from here, just living here) artist and musician, and father of two is this months featured artist. He is in his third year (and final year) of the Visual Communications program here at the Medicine Hat College. He also has won 12 consecutive french spelling bee contests. Actually that last one is a lie, I don’t know that much about him, although he is french and of the Canadian persuasion (if you couldn’t tell by his name). Below you will see two of his videos that he had created in Video 1 class during 2007.

Tobie Laliberte - Photography via his Facebook

Tobie Laliberte - Photography via his Facebook

Executed in 1979 (2007)

View his other video and some art after the jump.

L’histrionique (2007)

Some recent artwork of Tobie’s:

Artwork © Tobie Laliberte

Artwork © Tobie Laliberte

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