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The Hive Artist’s Hub

The Hive Artist's Hub LogoA very interesting and unique project recently launched here in Medicine Hat is “The Hive”, or formally known as “The Hive Artist’s Hub”. The Canadian Badlands, Historic Clay District and Rural Alberta’s Development Fund have partnered to create an “artist incubator” in downtown Medicine Hat. The renovated downtown loft provides studio space for artists who need a space to focus on work. In addition to this, artists will have access to business development (for themselves) and a retailing store space.

I’m a little tardy to posting this on Medicine Hat Media, but I assume all the artists in the area already know about the project and have already submitted their application for space; however, if you have not, the deadline is May 7th, 2010 to get them in. There is five initial spots up for grabs.

To apply, contact Tobie Laliberte at 403.504.5371,, visit the application section on the website, or drop by at 569 2nd Street SE in Medicine Hat, Alberta (kind of beside The Monarch).

I am surprised to see this type of project actually realized within Medicine Hat, and I applaud everybody involved. This will be a great promotional opportunity on several levels for all the artists to be involved.

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  1. May 4th, 2010 at 5:01 PM

    Vaughn says:

    Tobie, am I safe to assume you have done all the branding work involved in this project? Will you be providing the business development service as well?

  2. May 5th, 2010 at 10:01 AM

    tobie says:

    As far as branding goes, it is an ongoing process that I am the starting and ending point with the consultation of the Historic Clay District somewhere in the middle (if that make sense).
    I am hoping to assist other Co-op/Incubators to open in the Canadian Badlands as it is the role that was determined by Canadian Badlands Ltd. and the Historic Clay District. We are trying to create a model that can be used again.
    If I understand correctly your other question, we might help the artists that are leaving The Hive Artists’ Hub, start up their business. However, the goal is that they are ready to do so after their term here. Let me know if you have anymore question.

  3. May 5th, 2010 at 3:50 PM

    Vaughn says:

    Yep, makes sense. My questions were completely directed to you personally, Tobie. But more simply put: Did you make the pretty logo? Haha.

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