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Finger Eleven with The Dudes

Cypress Center
Monday, November 10th, 2008
Doors open at 8:00PM

Two Canadian bands will be rockin’ the Cypress Center on November 10 here in the hat. Both of these bands I haven’t listened to in quite some time. I have fond memories of feeling “hardcore” listening to probably Finger Eleven’s hardest song called “Drag You Down” whilst still in high-school.

Finger Eleven - Photography from MySpace

Finger Eleven - Photography from MySpace

The first time I heard of The Dudes was actually when I was downloading some music by The Strokes and they just happened to have a couple songs hidden in the archive file… for some reason. Anyways, I realized why they were in there, because they kind of sound similar in ways, in that indie-rock-sounding-kind-of-way that was popular years ago – however I still say they are more similar to bands like Modest Mouse, which is not a bad thing at all.

The Dudes - Photography from Myspace

The Dudes - Photography from MySpace

Tickets are available at the Stampede Box Office, The Medicine Hat Mall Customer Service Kiosk, or by calling 403-527-1234.

Videos and links after the jump.

Finger Eleven’s “Drag You Down”

The Dudes’ “Dropkick Queen of the Weekend”

Finger Eleven MySpace
Finger Eleven Website

The Dudes MySpace
The Dudes Website

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