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The now annual Risk Tournament has come to and end late Sunday night. This year there was a lot more people, a lot more coffee, food, prizes and give-a-ways. There was even McNuggets! How can you go wrong with that? It was like my birthday: board games, coffee, and nuggets! The cash prize was a lower this year; however, an Onyx edition Risk board game was given away to the winner – the final winner’s round was also played on it. Personally, I think the cash prize should be lowered even further if this year’s success was any indication. More money to the charities! Which is kind of the point of the event, well that, and extreme fun! All of the sponsors brought something to the table (literally), coffee prizes, give-a-ways, the room’s rent, etc. It was really great.

Sean, Dusty, and I were at separate tables for the first round. We all won at our respective tables which was kind of cool and unexpected to be honest. Which means all three of us went on to play the final winning round (with 2 other players from different tables). I doubt other people found it as amusing (perhaps it was perceived as a bias or a three-way-alliance opportunity); however, as I stated to Sean, I wouldn’t be teaming up with him or Dusty. I really was playing to win!

I started off with a strong Australia presence (which won me the first game); however, I made a couple errors and let Sean get too big. At one point, I definitely had a chance of winning and still had a chance if Sean didn’t grab three capitals. Sean won by successfully hiding his capital. So well in fact, in the last turn of the game, Dusty had went through 8 territories owned by Sean not to find it and in fact, stopping 1 country short of getting it. Dusty had ran out of men by the time she was on the borders of the elusive Great Britain. In this version of the map, Great Britain was also not connected to the rest of lower Europe, making Dusty have to run through the rest of the territories before curving towards Great Britain. My turn had already past and I wasn’t aggressive enough; I assumed Dusty would find his original capital as the other two he acquired were too heavily fortified now. Safe to say, I am quite bitter at him.

Overall, I can’t wait for next year.

Risk Tournament

Risk Tournament

Recently launched, Game for Good is a website and non-profit volunteer organization (if you can call it that) whereby, true to the name, games are played for the good of something. In the case of this event, a Risk tournament will be taking place under the Medicine Hat News Santa Claus Fund. This has been set-up, facilitated, organized and promoted almost exclusively by Jace Anderson, voted the #1 Medicine Hat tweep earlier in the month by Medicine Hat Media. I know, I didn’t list them in numbers, but I think most people would agree he is the number one Medicine Hat Tweep anyways, especially after this. Also involved was Derek Gavey, who set up the website, he is a known commentator on Medicine Hat Media, and was also mentioned in the top Medicine Hat tweeps post.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand: RISK! For those of you that don’t know what Risk is, wait, never mind, Google it, why don’t you know what Risk is? There is no entry fee; however, there is a minimum donation of $20 that goes directly to the Santa Claus Fund and you will be issued a tax deductible receipt. The winner of the tournament will take home a nice $200 (including bragging rights) as well as possible other prizes to those who register early or even show up. The tournament will be taking place December 5th at 9:30AM, at the Cultural Centre and you need to register before December 1st.

There’s been several companies and businesses around the Hat that have either sponsored a table (money donation) or donated some goods and services for the tournament. These include Bean There! Roasting, Classic Construction, and Accessible Accessories so far on the docket. There is still sponsorship spots available if any business or organization is out there reading this.

More information can be found in the Media Release (PDF). I’m sure Jace will comment here if he has anything to add.

Game for Good Website
Online Registration for RISK Tournament

Empire Gaming has been open for about a week now. We’ve checked it out and it’s a pretty nice set up. Each XBOX360 comes with its own television. It didn’t take long for us to notice that you probably won’t be playing beside the friends you came with, unless you’re on a team with them, or don’t care that they are cheating by looking at where you are. Anyway, here’s a listing of tournaments scheduled for September 12th, 2009:

Rock Band 2

9:00am – 12:00pm

Gears of War 2

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Halo 3
12:00pm – 5:00pm
Halo Wars Limited Edition XBOX game up for grabs and bragging rights. No fees to enter, only regular hourly rates apply.

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