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Top 5 Medicine Hat Tweeps & Intro

Tweeps is the word used to describe Twitter users and even though it sounds silly and a bit pretentious, it’s far better than saying “twitterers”. Either way, Twitter has become a truly invaluable tool in terms of media and social communication. Even if it is 75% useless personal comments or spam, that other 25% can inform you in ways other mediums can not (and will not). Based on who you follow, any single or general topic is available for your consumption – you can have this information instantly as the tweeps sends it out. Best of all, you can digest the full content easily because there is a limit of 140 characters, which plays a part in the mobile world, but also forces people to strictly write the most important things.

I previously did a post previously entitled “Medicine Hat Twitte’ers” in hopes to keep an up-to-date place to post Medicine Hat tweeps, but decided it would be too hard to upkeep. It’s far better to just take a gander at who Medicine Hat Media follows to get a complete list of active Medicine Hat tweeps. Hopefully nobody takes this post too seriously, it’s not like I am the Twitter expert or anything. Here is my pick for the best five Tweeps in Medicine Hat based on the below criteria and descriptions:

Jace Anderson
Jace describes himself as a “father, husband, traveler, pop culture enthusiast, Rotarian, Developer & collector of things/experiences” and his tweets reflect this. He has an astonishing amount of tweets and has been active pretty much since joining. The great part about his tweets is they focus a lot on local things and people.

Kim Johnston
Never afraid to speak his mind and opinion, Kim is a local radio host for My96FM. He tweets tons of things a day and has quite a popularity based on his followers. He has a wide range of topics that he talks about, but most of the time they are local, or if not, related in some way.

Leah Andres
Leah is a local photographer who’s business goes by the name Caught the Bug Photography. She is quite active and has been in the Twitter scene for a long time. While her posts are not always focused directly on local topics she does have a lot of conversational tweets (as in, replying and talking with local users).

kab0b is the master of the conversational tweets in Medicine Hat. He has tons of tweets mostly replying and talking with other users on Twitter, most of which are in Medicine Hat.
Part Time Web Developer, Full time geek is how he describes himself.

Derek Gavey
Another tech guy on the list and most notably an avid Apple-enthusiast (of the computer persuasion – not the fruit…  well he might love the fruit too). His posts are mostly of the techy nature; however, interacts a lot with local happenings and people as well. He has his own blog entitled, Web Stew.

Don’t feel bad if you were not mentioned this time around, there’s always the opportunity to be on the next list. Also, I noticed there is a direct correlation between good Medicine Hat tweeps and the technology/geek fields that all of the top 5 work in.

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2 Responses to “Top 5 Medicine Hat Tweeps & Intro”

  1. October 7th, 2009 at 9:52 AM

    derek says:

    Thanks for the mention, but I must add canuckMackem as the real Apple enthusiast in this city. As well as one of the most followed, active and appreciated local twitterers as well. I know you wanted to be selective in your list. But twitter is just not the same without him.

  2. October 8th, 2009 at 8:33 AM

    Vaughn says:

    I would agree with your addition, he was actually on my short list. The main reason for picking you over him is because he doesn’t talk about local stuff as much as the other people on my “top 5”. He will definitely show up on my follow up post.

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