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Wheels Review

Dan VS. Justin

Wheels Review is a new website and viral marketing project hosted by Murray Chevrolet Cadillac in Medicine Hat, that puts two employees in a head-to-head match over which vehicle gets the best bang for your buck.

This month features Dan and Justin who each pick a new vehicle, go through the points on why their vehicle is better than the other, and leave it to the viewers to vote on their favourite.

Along with voting, you can Like Wheels Review on Facebook to be automatically entered to win prizes. The first prize up is a vehicle detailing kit which includes a full outside wash, interior rug and seat shampooing, wipe down of the vehicle interior and inside/outside window cleaning, which is valued at $180. All you have to do is Like them on Facebook, Vote, and you are entered to win!

Check out Wheels Review at

Follow Wheels Review on Twitter: is a relatively new, community-based event site for Medicine Hat. They also recently changed the design and layout of their site. It features people, places, and things to do in Medicine Hat, on a day-to-day basis. The site features the most comprehensive calendar available in Medicine Hat for events and other happenings. You are bound to find something to do every day or every night.

On top the events calendar, there is also a community component to the site which allows people to register, recommend, create events/places/people, follow, and comment. Another interesting feature is “Hatitudes” which is an anonymous (well, to the public anyways) board of complaints or recognition for anything to do with or in our city. Kind of like a web version of Ticked Off or Tickled Pink.

Website Screenshot

Website Screenshot

A new local website has launched today called “Crewpon”, a combination of “Crew” and “Coupon”. It is a group/team buying site, similar to that of Groupon. People buy certificates, gift cards, coupons and other deals for discounted prices. For example, the deal today and this week is for Labels for Men; they are offering a $50 gift certificate for $25 which means you are saving 50% off of something you might be buying anyways. So if you shop or want to start shopping at Labels for Men, why not?

Crewpon kind of works like Groupon, but instead of only offering deals to big cities around here (like Calgary), this is a local initiative, done locally by the Medicine Hat News and TriCube Media.

How does Crewpon work?

  1. A local business offers a coupon/deal/gift card for a limited amount of time.
  2. Purchasers have a limited amount of time to purchase the discount.
  3. Bring in the purchased coupon (from your phone or printed copy) to the physical location to get your discount.










Featured Business of the Week is an initiative created by a partnership between the Medicine Hat & District Chamber of Commerce, TriCube Media, and Medicine Hat News. It’s a look into showcasing and featuring great local businesses around town. Included in their package is the opportunity to record a short video/commercial which are subsequently posted to a multitude of places, including YouTube. They are currently featuring their 11th business with no signs of stopping. I think it’s a pretty neat project and cool concept locally for all those involved.

I have seen these videos popping up in quite a few places (mostly in social networking), and most recently, a full site has launched dedicated to featuring the videos and information:

I’m not sure how I haven’t seen this before, but supposedly the Medicine Hat Police Services, partnered with Medicine Hat Crime Stoppers has a page on their website dedicated to people caught on camera during crimes. I haven’t heard of most of these crimes either, well until I seen this page, that is. This is a pretty great and unique service in effort to catch local “bad guys”. Lots of them seem unaware that they are even being recorded at all. So the question is, are you a bad enough dude, to catch bad dudes?

Below is the latest person caught on camera doing a “gas n’ run”. Police are currently requesting public assistance in identifying the person. Maybe he just forgot (unlikely)!


The Tourism Branding survey was released yesterday on It is the third step in our public engagement process (following the Executive Interviews and Question of the Week). The survey will be posted for the next 2 – 3 weeks. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

The survey has taken elements from the previous two steps (primarily the Question of the Week) as certain themes emerged. The outcome of the survey is going to be a much more defined focus for our tourism industry and so we need as much public participation as possible over the next few weeks. People have been really engaged so far and this is really when we need their input the most.

A focused approach to Tourism will lead to a stronger Tourism Industry from an economic perspective. Tourism stakeholders have long maintained that this industry hasn’t yet realized its potential, which is what this tourism brand is seeking to help with.

To sweeten the deal for respondents, there are a number of prizes which respondents can choose to enter a draw for.

  • Medalta, in the Historic Clay District: Tea Pot, Sugar & Creamer set (approx. retail value – $80)
  • Cypress Hills: Wildlife & Park Bus Tour from Medicine Hat (20 people max). Blackout Period: July – August, Public Holidays. Includes Red Rock Coulee, Branchville Road, Eagle Butte & Elkwater (approx. retail value – $1,000)
  • Track Side Liquor Store: Two bottles wine (approx. retail value – $40)
  • Tourism Medicine Hat: Gift Basket (approx. retail value – $80)
  • Paradise Valley: 10 Golf Passes (5 x 2 packs)
  • Elkwater Lake Lodge & Resort: One (1) night accommodation in a Lodge Room. Blackout periods apply (approx. retail value – $115)

As always,  any questions can be directed to me (Quentin Randall) as the manager of this project.
twitter: @q_randall
phone: 403.529.1070

Thank you – this has been an excellent process and if we can finish strong, I’m feeling good about the final result.

If Medicine Hat was a person, who would it be? And why?

That’s the question posted on this week. It’s the final week of the public engagement portion designed to determine a brand for Medicine Hat’s tourism industry.

Response has been great so far – nearly 100 responses – and we’re looking to go out with a bit of a bang.

This question should be fun so don’t feel like you have to hold back. If you have a smart-mouth answer you just have to get out there, please don’t hold back. Just make sure it’s true (in your opinion, at least).

After this, we’re going to do a few weeks of more formal surveys and the responses to these questions are helping refine what those look like. So basically, your responses to this are helping us down the road too.

Thanks again and if you have any questions about the Tourism Branding Project, go to Most of the answers are there and if you’re still not satisfied, get in touch with members of the tourism branding committee.

It should be a fun week – Medicine Hat’s tourism branding project is asking you to finish the following sentence:

“Medicine Hat is the only place in the world you can ____________.”

It’s week three of the tourism branding public engagement project and there have been some good answers on the previous questions. And this week may provide some of the most interesting comments to date.

So, what is the answer? What’s the one thing you can do in (or around) this city that you can’t do anywhere else?

Does the answer have to do with the weather? Or any of our facilities like the Drag Strip, baseball diamonds, Medalta or the Esplanade? What about the golf courses?

Is there anything with the river or the bizarre under-rated landscape of the valley?Maybe the snakes factor into it somehow. Or the fact that, if you know where to look, you can get fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter. Granted, that’s not quite an anywhere-in-the-world kind of thing but it sure does satisfy cravings for tomato sandwiches in January.

So let your voice be heard – this project is running for two more weeks and we want to hear from everyone. It’s not often that projects like this look for a month’s worth of input so go to the website and let your voice be heard.

Members of Medicine Hat’s Tourism Industry Group (TIG) are leading a project to identify a tourism brand which will attract more visitors to South East Alberta. Part of the plan is public engagement through the creation of a website designed to facilitate discussion about the finer points of Medicine Hat.

The idea behind the project is that tourism is an industry which has traditionally underperformed but has high growth potential. To get at what our brand is, it’s important to have a public forum and get a sense of what Hatters like about their city as well as opportunities that could be capitalized on.

To facilitate discussion, the website ( will ask one question each week for four weeks. The first question is “When you have visitors from out-of-town, where do you take them to have the definitive Medicine Hat experience (and why there)?”

So if there’s something you always do with visitors, please let us know by posting it on the website. Aside from the weekly questions, we’re leaving the conversation pretty wide open. These discussions will provide some direction for the survey (which will come out in February) and ensure that we’re not doing this work in a vacuum. The discussion policies are pretty straight forward – basically, just practice the Golden Rule.

If you want more information on the project, we have posted a lot on the site including the Project Charter, Request for Proposals, Workplan and contacts.

And finally, as an added incentive, we have a prize draw for comments which will take place every Friday. This week’s prize is 10 golf passes to Paradise Valley Par 3. Not bad, hey?

So go, comment and have your voice heard.

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