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There are companies in the Medicine Hat area accepting donations for people affected by the fires in Slave Lake.

Canadian Red Cross is taking monetary donations online or in person at the office in Medicine Hat (398 Aberdeen Street SE) or in Brooks (110 – 2nd Avenue W).

However, I have heard Red Cross is only accepting monetary donations. Items can be dropped off at Sanjel (1901 Dirkson Dr NE – Redcliff) or at Genivar (110-1222 Brier Park Rd NW – Medicine Hat).

Please donate, many of us know people who live in Slave Lake and they need our help.

The following is a story by Matt Reeves posted on to Facebook yesterday recounting his near brush with death while being stranded on the blizzard-filled highway, last night. There is rough and “colourful” language here and this is an exact verbatim of his original note, posted here with permission. -Vaughn

*Edit* Medicine Hat News article

Matt Reeves writes:

How I and my basset hound almost died Saturday… YES quite literally almost died Saturday… THANKS RCMP BROOKS… I mean USELESS ORGANIZATION OF MORALLY BANKRUPT GOVERNMENT PAID THUGS

Today (Saturday the 8th of January 2011) I made the mistake of attempting to drive from Calgary to Medicine Hat… at 35 – 60kph depending on conditions… driving cautiously… and I did pretty well at that speed most of the trip. Really I did!!!

At 5PM I fishtailed and then skidded into the ditch north of Suffield only going 35kph and stuck the front of the jeep in four feet of snow… tried forward and reverse with zero movement… totally and completely stuck. I got out to see how badly stuck I was and got snow up to my crotch and then snow blown with what felt like a -40 wind chill factor. Got back in the jeep due to freezing cold. Now was soaking wet and really cold. THE JUMP – Read the rest of this entry »

Still working on the time machine?  Here’s the next best thing.  Featuring live jousting, mock battles, petting zoo, face painting, belly dancers, food and other fun activities at the old rodeo grounds next to the golf course, the Brooks Medieval Faire welcomes families of all sizes to travel back in time to a period where lords and ladies ruled.  Also featuring a trebuchet contest, forging demonstrations, and archery.

Tickets available at the gate or at the website.


Brooks Medieval Faire Website

Contributor, Mike has made me aware of a news segment broadcasted on CHAT TV that was just recently aired on January 14th. Just weeks after the Medicine Hat city council voted down funding options that would of seen construction begin on an event centre in our city, the community of Brooks begins to celebrate the opening of their new arena. While it’s easy to compare both of our cities because we are so close, that’s kind of a blind-sided thing to do. Medicine Hat is a different city than Brooks is, especially in the finance/money spending department, but being so close… it’s hard not to see this as ironic or sad in some way. Well… that is if you are for the events centre.

Pizza Hut "Book It" Program

Pizza Hut "Book It" Program

The Pizza Huts in Medicine Hat and Brooks have a special offer going on called Book It, which started on October 1, 2009, and will run until March 31, 2010. The offer is aimed at enticing kids in the younger grades of elementary school to read more, and the prize is free pizza. Who could say no?

The idea is for teachers to set monthly reading goals for each child in their class, which is then noted by their parents at home. Once the child reaches their goal, the teacher presents them with a free pizza certificate. The child (accompanied by a parent) can then go to any Medicine Hat or Brooks Pizza Hut to redeem a free one-topping personal pan pizza, as well as congratulations by the manager or service team. Each accomplished monthly reading goal afterwards will be rewarded with another personal pan pizza and a sticker of achievement.

The first step in the process requires the school to be registered with Pizza Hut (which could be done on their website), but unfortunately, the entry deadline was September 30, 2009, although the program renews every year. The second step is read, read, read. The third step is eat pizza. And the fourth step is to repeat.

I did this program in Regina when I was a kid, and personally speaking, it is an excellent way to motivate kids, because everyone loves pizza, although I do not ever recall being congratulated by the manager or any service staff…

  • Medicine Hat Pizza Huts are located at 1277 Trans Canada Hwy and #103 – 140 Maple Ave.
  • Brooks Pizza Hut is located #3 – 1131 2nd Street W.

Brooks has it’s own TV station now. Well… sort of.

Darin Crapo, an IT specialist in Brooks, has taken a video making hobby to a higher level. He created a series of tourism videos for the county of Newell. Working in this genre and doing these projects has brought him in contact with a number of aspiring videographers in his hometown.

Darin decided he would create a forum for himself and other video makers, where they could showcase Brooks, as well as Southern Alberta. It’s called 4U2CTV and is quickly becoming Brooks TV.

*Updated June 2nd, 2009*

In a seemingly recent string of local crime and tragedy, a man has been found murdered and another seriously injured last night at 11PM. The police were called to the scene, 515E Washington Avenue SE, where they found the adult male dead inside the residence and the injured male outside on the sidewalk. I’m not posting this as an effort to post what has already be written, but to comment on it and the nature of the killing. It has since been released that the man killed was Darcy Baumbach, 47 by Michael Steinkey,  37 who was charged with second degree murder and is scheduled for court on June 4th. The other injured man’s name is not being released at this time.

Correct me If I am wrong, but this is the first homicide in Medicine Hat, since March, 2007 when James Driscoll was suspected to be murdered; however, it was never concluded that indeed he was, but is still be considered “suspicious”. And then, since the April, 2006 Richardson family murders. Seemingly, as stated, there seems to be a recent string of crime and tragedy in the or around the Hat as of late. House fire and death, theft from a previous house fire, recent Brooks murder, Brooks taser death, Bow Island car crash claiming five lives, accidental death from a fall, Fritzke back in custody after having access to internet-enabled phone (or the whole Fritzke thing in general), tons of drug growing and related charges/arrests in Redcliff and in Medicine Hat. That’s just in the last couple months. Maybe it’s just because I am becoming more aware of the news and local happenings that I didn’t notice before, but I heard other comments that this city (in jest) is becoming “Gotham City”.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers or 403-529-8481.

Medicine Hat Police Service – James Driscoll media release page

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