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*UPDATE: The following isn’t exactly true in the blanket categorization of “Most Dangerous” as revealed by Brian, read on to the comments to find out more information. Furthermore, there was murders that happened in 2009 within Medicine Hat.*

National Media Magazine, MacLeans, has ranked Medicine Hat number 3 in there new rankings for Canada’s most dangerous cities with 159.96% above the national average.

In it’s latest results released Friday, Medicine Hat sits under Abbotsford, BC, and Thunder Bay, ON. But there is still a catch, they based all they’re information on 1.8 murders per 100 000 people for 2009.

Someone with the alias “Trevor in the Hat” posted this comment about it, as he has done the math:

The city I live in, Medicine Hat AB is listed as the third highest for murder. Now my math is horrible but let’s see if I can roughly figure this out. We are listed as having 159.96% compared to the national average of 1.8 murders per 100,000 people. That makes us at about 2.88 per 100,000 people. The official census for Medicine Hat in 2009 was 61,000 people, once again using my horrible math skills this works out to about 2 murders in 2009 and yet we are listed as more dangerous than Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver etc which have a dozen or more murders per year?

Trevor is completely correct, no murders occurred in Medicine Hat in 2009, so how can we be approximately 144% above Calgary for example?

They’re is a huge tie for the least dangerous city in Canada, with one of those 31 that have tied being St. Albert. Lethbridge sits in 49th place with a -39.16% difference.

Full Results

*Updated June 2nd, 2009*

In a seemingly recent string of local crime and tragedy, a man has been found murdered and another seriously injured last night at 11PM. The police were called to the scene, 515E Washington Avenue SE, where they found the adult male dead inside the residence and the injured male outside on the sidewalk. I’m not posting this as an effort to post what has already be written, but to comment on it and the nature of the killing. It has since been released that the man killed was Darcy Baumbach, 47 by Michael Steinkey,  37 who was charged with second degree murder and is scheduled for court on June 4th. The other injured man’s name is not being released at this time.

Correct me If I am wrong, but this is the first homicide in Medicine Hat, since March, 2007 when James Driscoll was suspected to be murdered; however, it was never concluded that indeed he was, but is still be considered “suspicious”. And then, since the April, 2006 Richardson family murders. Seemingly, as stated, there seems to be a recent string of crime and tragedy in the or around the Hat as of late. House fire and death, theft from a previous house fire, recent Brooks murder, Brooks taser death, Bow Island car crash claiming five lives, accidental death from a fall, Fritzke back in custody after having access to internet-enabled phone (or the whole Fritzke thing in general), tons of drug growing and related charges/arrests in Redcliff and in Medicine Hat. That’s just in the last couple months. Maybe it’s just because I am becoming more aware of the news and local happenings that I didn’t notice before, but I heard other comments that this city (in jest) is becoming “Gotham City”.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers or 403-529-8481.

Medicine Hat Police Service – James Driscoll media release page

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