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Contributor, Mike has made me aware of a news segment broadcasted on CHAT TV that was just recently aired on January 14th. Just weeks after the Medicine Hat city council voted down funding options that would of seen construction begin on an event centre in our city, the community of Brooks begins to celebrate the opening of their new arena. While it’s easy to compare both of our cities because we are so close, that’s kind of a blind-sided thing to do. Medicine Hat is a different city than Brooks is, especially in the finance/money spending department, but being so close… it’s hard not to see this as ironic or sad in some way. Well… that is if you are for the events centre.

I’m sure most of you reading this already know about how the events centre was recently shot down for funding by council; however, you may not know exactly how it all started, or maybe you don’t remember. What the initial idea was, the reasoning, and how far back the planning goes. Fortunately for us, CHAT TV has decided to share the history with us, in video form. Many have stated that even though it was voted out (5 to 4) this year, it still remains in the council’s books, meaning it will happen, eventually, sometime, in the future… maybe? But as also pointed out, the wait = more money.

A New Arena – The Inception – Originally aired in November 2005

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