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One thing that is important to Medicine Hat Media are the visitors and potential for a community. With a growing amount of visitors, we have to try to keep the site updated and current as much as possible, which isn’t always easy given the circumstances. Along the way we have developed quite a following, but there is still room for growth and improvement which this post highlights. I know, what I wrote might not have anything to do with the article, but in a way it does, because the most of the statistics relate to our visitors.

Here’s a little information thus far, as of  July 26th, 2009 about Medicine Hat Media’s visitors, connections, general information, and statistics on and off the site since our launch in October, 2008.

  • 172 posts
  • 114 registered users
  • 15 submitted emails
  • 32 members on the Facebook group
  • 155 followers on Twitter
  • 84 friends on MySpace

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