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Do you have a lot of printing to do? Maybe a larger project that needs special attention? Not wanting to pay a huge amount? Then check out Minuteman Press.

I first found out about Minuteman Press from Travis over at Laconic Design, who says he uses Minuteman exclusively for his printing needs. After hearing about this, I decided to do a test run and see what the quality was like. After finding out tthat the print quality was awesome and the services were very affordable, I have since printed all my projects there, including Medicine Hat Media posters and Taylor‘s valentine.

In the past, while I was enrolled in Visual Communications at The Medicine Hat College, I had lots of graphic design printing to do which was done exclusively at Boylan Imaging. I would invariably have to wait hours or sometimes days to get my projects back. The quality would be good but the cost would end up being rather large. Fortunately since then, Minuteman Press has saved me both time and money, although I could have saved hundreds of dollars if I had went there all throughout college.

Through their website you can easily send files in to be printed, which includes an area to provide any special instructions to remove any guesswork for the staff. You can also request estimates, learn how to prepare your files for printing and read through a glossary of printing terms. Minuteman also provides a delivery service for your finished projects.

Minuteman Press is located at #857A – 16th St SW; just turn down 16th St SW from the Highway and keep going, it will be on your left.

Boylan Imaging is a professional photographic equipment and printing business located in the industrial area of Medicine Hat.

They do all sorts of printing from small documents to larger ones, CD labels, photographs, flyers, posters, and much more. You can also find an assortment of cameras and photographic equipment around the store, as well as picture frames.

Their website has a fresh looking design and offers informative ways to prepare your files and photographs for printing, including access to their digital server to upload things to be printed from your own computer, allowing you to only make one trip to pick up the finished product instead of two. The only critical downside to the design is that most navigational links have a very small font size, which probably makes it difficult to read for older clients.

The store is a primary go-to location for the graphic design students in the Visual Communications program at The Medicine Hat College, offering the students a special discount for their printing needs, and it is still remains the first place I go to for anything I need printed.



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